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Starfury Thunderbolt

An F-7 Corsair in orbit over Mars

Small craft is a category that includes all space-capable and related vehicles primarily intended to be carried around from place to place by a larger vessel. This includes everything from Repair Pods that are little more than beefed up space suits to heavy cargo shuttles that can carry a house, and from passenger cutters to trans-atmospheric fighter-bombers.

Shuttlecraft come in three basic types:

  • A Pinnace is any craft capable of making round trips between orbit and a typical planetary surface, fully loaded, without refueling.
  • A Shuttle can make a one-way trip either way, but needs to refuel before coming back.
  • A Cutter is a space-only craft that cannot operate inside a planetary atmosphere.


Federation fighters:

Other Fighters:

  • J-2 Shinobi Eastern Bloc Light Fighter
  • J-4 Daimyo Eastern Bloc Heavy Assault Fighter
  • J-6 Ronin Eastern Bloc Medium Strike Fighter


  • S-23 Rapier Medium Combat Shuttle

Other Small Craft[]

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