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There are many star systems and planets in the Tech Infantry universe. Somewhat confusingly, most systems are named for their principal inhabited planets, not the stars they orbit. Thus, it is the Earth System, not the Sol System, even though Earth itself is now an uninhabited wasteland, its moon is gone, and Mars is the most populous world in the system. Two in-universe exceptions are Wilke's Star and Jennifer's Star, both of which have principal inhabited planets confusingly given the same name as the system primary star.

Early seasons of the game had no official map until one was finally created for Season 4.3 when many new players writing stories set all over the galaxy (instead of one core group of player characters sticking together as one military squad) made geography a more pressing concern.

Table of System Statistics in 2275 A.D.

Name Faction Population (thousands) Gross System Product (thousands of crowns)
Alpha Centauri HTE (Uninhabited) 0 x
Ashdown HTE (House Ashton) 4,000 x
Avalon HTE (House Dane) 10,000,000 x
B4 Bugs Unknown x
Babylon HTE (House Velenkoshiv) 1,400,000 x
Chalfont HTE (House Richards) 860 x
Charybdis HTE (House Melan) 32,000 x
Circe HTE (House Jordan) 5,600 x
Cronos HTE (House Carter) 400,000 x
Phoenix HTE (House Savant) 1,200,000 x

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