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"If you steal from more than three sources, it's not plagarism, it's research."

-- Jubal Harshaw, Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert A. Heinlein. 

The Tech Infantry game and universe is based upon, inspired by, and informed by a wide variety of sources.  While the roots lie mainly in the Classic World of Darkness series of tabletop roleplaying games from White Wolf Publishing, we have drawn from many other fantasy, horror, and especially science fiction games, movies, novels, and television shows.  Some aspects of gameplay and worldbuilding are borrowed more or less intact from these prior sources, others are given a significant new spin to make them better fit into our fictional universe, or to make the game more fun and playable.  Still others merely provide a seed of an idea we develop further into something almost entirely original. 

In writing the stories set in this universe, or collecting data in this Wiki, we often refer to our original sources for further inspiration, and to maintain a certain level of consistency when it comes to matters of established canon.  These can make it easier to resolve disputes when it comes to game play or authors struggling to reach consensus on the direction the story should go, or when interpreting some detail of setting or background information. 

This category is meant to be a collection of online resources which players and moderators can use to supplement the information in this Wiki for more detailed breakdowns of how some of our source inspirations handled the nitty-gritty details about how Magick and advanced technology work, how they impact gameplay, and what limits they place on the actions of our characters within the story.  The information on these websites can also be used as inspiration or research material for additions or revisions of this Wiki, and may spark ideas in the minds of players for possible future plot twists, scenes, setting details, or character concepts. 

Each entry should be entered as a seperate page along with a brief description, and then added to this category page in order to provide tribute, acknowledgement, and homage to the resources that have helped to make this game possible. Keep in mind, that there could be differences between the information contained in these websites and resources in contrast to what is found in the game as result of past decisions by the players and moderators to establish our own precedents in such matters.

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