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After the Great Flood destroyed the original City of Enoch, the thirteen surviving Antediluvian Vampires each became the Primogenitor (founder) of a Vampire Clan, a bloodline of descent stretching from Childe to Sire all the way back to the original clan founder and thus to Caine himself. As such, members of each clan tend to share some traits and special abilities in common with each other and with their clan founder, and many clans tend to embrace only mortals with certain traits or tendencies already aligned with the clan's goals and interests, which is then often reinforced by the essence of the clan founder passed along in the blood of their sire. Some clans are further subdivided into distinct bloodlines of their own.

At least some members of each clan have survived Gehenna and gone into space with the rest of humanity. But with nearly all of the clan founders dead or missing, and much of the formal machinery of clan loyalty and structure shattered by the sequential hammer blows of Gehenna, the abandonment of Earth, the War of Blood, the destruction of the Kingdom of Enoch, and constant harassment and persecution from Crusader Teams, clans are far less important to the average vampire than they were back on Earth That Was. Still, the clan archetypes are not yet entirely irrelevant, and many among the Vampire populace do still care about matters of clan and bloodline. Eleven of the clans are formally members of the Camarilla, and two are formally members of the Sabbat. But many individual members of each clan, known as Antitribes or Antitribu, have rebelled against their blood clan's core principles and allegiance and instead joined their opposite organization, or one of the several clan-like groups opposed to both the Camarilla and the Sabbat. These include the Caitiff, "clanless" vampires who reject the entire idea of clandom, and Anarchs, vampires who reject any sort of authority or organization whatsoever. While groups like the Anarchs and Caitiff appeal mostly to younger vampires, some of the very oldest vampires once were part of a group known as the Inconnu, but that was pretty much wiped out during Gehenna. There are even a handful of Kuei-Jin, East Asian Vampires, who survived the fall of the Eastern Bloc and fled to New Tokyo.

Camarilla Core Clans: Ventrue, Toreador, Brujah, Nosferatu, Tremere, Malkavian.

Camarilla Minor Clans: Ravnos, Giovanni, Assamite, Gangrel, Followers of Set (Settite), Salubri.

Sabbat Clans: Lasombra, Tzimisce, Baali.

Independent clan-like groups: Anarchs, Caitiff, Inconnu, Antitribu, The Black Hand, Kuei-Jin.

Behind the Scenes[]

The actual clan names and such are borrowed directly from the White Wolf gaming system which the first seasons of Tech Infantry were run using, specifically from Vampire: The Masquerade and its supplemental materials.

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