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Werecreatures, also known as Changelings or Lycanthropes, are shapeshifters who can change between human and animal form and several stages in between. Most of them are organized into distinct tribes, each with their own traits and traditions.

Tribal Tradions pre-TI[edit | edit source]

Prior to the attack against Earth by the Bugs and enforcement of conscription into the Tech Infantry, the werecreatures were divided into numerous tribes. These tribes prayed to a variety of spirits for guidance, who gifted the tribes with many different special abilities, and had diverse traditions when it came to rules dealing with mating, territorial rights, and agreements not to eat humans.

The Loss of Tribal Traditions During the Height of the TI[edit | edit source]

As a result of over two centuries of enforced constription by werecreatures into the TI, many of the werecreatures became generations removed from their ancestors on Earth, and either did not recognize or ignored many of the tribal traditions of the past. They felt that the old tribal grievances and differences were irrelevant in the space age, and simply felt proud of all werecreatures, regardless of their heritage. Still, there were some eccentrics that held on to the traditions of the past and kept them alive.

The Return of Tribal Traditions During Arthur Clarke's Period of Influence[edit | edit source]

More recently, the werecreature tribal traditions have started to make a signifcant comeback. This was facilitated by the leadership and military policies of former Grand Council Chairman Arthur Clarke. He placed heavy emphasis on having werecreatures concentrated in the Raptors and other special forces groups, favored them for promotions and plum assignments, and subsidized veterans' organizations and tribal councils. Over the period of his twenty-plus-year reign old tribal customs started to resurface in the Tech Infantry and the general werecreature society. Werecreatures have started to feel pride in their old heritage once again and new tribal customs started to surface based upon the traditions of old.

How the Werecreature Tribes are Organized[edit | edit source]

Werecreatures belong to one of two major groups, Garou and Fera. The Garou Tribes are made up of werewolves. The Fera represent all other werecreatures. The main group of Tribes in the Fera are the Bastet, which is made up of werefelines. The remainder of the werecreatures among the Fera are not as well organized as the major Tribes, but many of them have their own clans and organizations that are distinctive and worthy of mention.

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