What is the difference between Major NPCs and Active Notable Figures? As they seem to share two of the same subcategories, is there a difference? -- Someone who didn't log in to Wikia

Active Notable Figures includes the former player characters; Major NPC's does not. Major NPC's includes dead and missing characters as of Season Ten's start date; Active Notable Figures does not.

Also, I created Major NPC's, Chris created Active Notable Figures, and he actually chose a better name and way of doing it. The only good argument for keeping the Major NPC's category is that Marcus linked that to one category of Wiki Achievement Medals, while Active Notable Figures is not similarly rewarded.

In a similar fashion, Chris' new category of "Notable Figure Obituaries" will be replacing "Deceased NPC's", and "Extras" will be replacing "Minor NPC's". We should probably replace the "List of NPCs By Storyline" with "List of Characters By Player Storyline", so we can also list when players cross over into each others' plotlines. As those lists can get quite long, perhaps we can have separate list pages for each season. But I don't think we should have separate categories for each player character, that's taking it a bit too far. Martin The Mess 22:14, August 28, 2012 (UTC)

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