Ceilicans are one of the Bastet Tribes. They are white werecavelions that once inhabited Europe but were thought to have gone extinct around 1600. However, some of them managed to board ships to North America and were able to blend in with the new societies that arose there without drawing attention

While many of the Bestat suspected that they were still in existence by the turn of the 21st century, they managed to keep a low enough profile that many began to suspect that they were actually extinct. However, once conscription of werecreatures into the TI began to be enforced, many of the Ceilicans that were in hiding were captured and forced to enlist.

Of the Bastet Tribes, Ceilicans are the most adept when it comes to technology. One of the reasons that their existance was a secret for so long, was that they embraced modern society and customs. They were found of many forms of entertainment. They also enjoy accumulating knowledge. Some of them have been known to be college professors and teachers. They also have a preference for fighting with blades over guns, although they will not hesitate to use guns if that is the best or only way to kill an opponent.

The Ceilican are on good terms with the rest of the Bestat tribes. They also tend to enjoy the company of Glass Walkers, because their interests are very similar.

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