City 11

Chiatzo City Hall, with the Khmer Planetary Council building on the horizon

The city of Chiatzo was the capital and largest city of the planet Khmer. Situated along the Shih-kiang river near the edge of the Yarobi Hills, it was a quiet city whose main industry was bureaucratic administration. It was also home to the University of Khmer, one of the foremost instututes of learning in the Eastern Bloc.

At the outbreak of the Third Civil War, the city saw some fighting as Eastern Bloc forces moved in on the local Earth Federation Counsulate at the commencement of hostilites between the Bloc and the Federation. Instead of standing and fighting, the consular security detachement, led by Master Sergeant Alistar Dimiye, evacuated the consular staff, wired up the consulate with explosives, and used the confusion caused by the blast to cover an escape to the Yarobi Hills. From the cover of the hills, they were able to be picked up by a fleeing Federation merchant frigate and escape the system entirely.

During the Vin Shriak Invasion, the city was nearly leveled. Although rebuilding was begun under new Federation authority, the Caal Invasion wiped out the planetary population, and after the Ascension War, the system was effectively abandoned. A decade later, a handful of refugees and pirates can occasionally be found looting what little remains of the city or squatting in the ruins.

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