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A Childe (plural Childer, also known as progeny or brood) is an mortal human that has been embraced, or turned into a vampire by another specific Vampire, known as that childe’s Sire.  A Childe is magickally bound to serve their Sire in all ways.

Under the rules of both the Camarilla and the Sabbat, a Childe can only be created with the knowledge and approval of the local Prince or Bishop.  An unauthorized Childe who is discovered will likely be destroyed, as unchecked growth in the vampire population threatens the ability of all Vampires in the area to stay hidden and safe.  The Camarilla enforced these restrictions even in the Kingdom of Enoch, to prevent the Vampire population from outgrowing its blood supply, and the Sabbat enforces such rules on Wilke's Star and Van Diemen on behalf of House Mallorea

During periods of official toleration of Vampire activity, as during alliances the Federation signed with the Camarilla and later the Sabbat, restrictions on the creation of Childer were written into law, requiring special permission from a judge and notarized consent forms from the prospective Childe.

Until the Childe is released from their Sire's blood bond and accepted as a full, independent member of their Vampire Clan, the Sire is held responsible for their Childe's actions (including their mistakes).  A Childe who kills their own Sire, especially if they diablerize them, is looked upon with scorn and contempt by other vampires, and will most likely have a blood hunt issued agaisnt them.