Chris Snyder

Chris Snyder

Baron Chris Snyder was the first Imperial planetary governor of Van Diemen.

Early LifeEdit

Christopher Snyder was born in 2215 on Van Diemen, the son of a factory manager and a lawyer. His parents had been among the earliest colonists to the planet as children, and he grew up with a strong sense of community and family in the wealthy suburb of Hannover, just outside the city of Darwin. After graduating from law school, he went to work as a junior associate at his mother's law firm in Darwin. When his mother successfully ran for Senate in 2240, he was her assistant campaign manager. However, just three years later, she would be trapped on Avalon while he was trapped on Van Diemen, on opposite sides of the border between two warring factions in the Third Civil War.

Career as Hostage and then MayorEdit

When he and his father were captured by soldiers of the Tech Infantry Rebels faction, his mother resigned her office in the Senate rather than let her family be held hostage to put political pressure on her. Although she was praised for her courage by most, Chris never quite forgave her for putting the Federation above her family. Still, the fame from the incident helped him run successfully for Mayor of Hannover a few years later, and he held the post for over fifteen years. He was contemplating his own run for the Senate when the Caal Invasion destroyed the Federation, he saw which way the wind was blowing, and declared his loyalty to the new Holy Terran Empire at the first opportunity. This landed his name on a short list of possible Lord Governor candidates that crossed the Emperor's desk, and he was selected to form his own Noble House and rule over Van Diemen, its previous Federation governor having fled the system following riots by members of the Cult of the Emperor.

Recent HistoryEdit

Under Snyder's administration the planet's economy has benefited from the high demand for its resources to support the war effort. This has resulted in a lower unemployment. However, there have also been massive increases in taxes, particularly in urban areas to help fund the war effort as well. Initially, the inhabitants of Van Diemen merely grumbled about and accepted it as being necessary. However, not only have the taxes continued to increase, city residents see no end in sight and have become increasingly frustrated. This has led to protests in many urban communities and major discontent for the Holy Terran Empire administration.

Most residents actually liked Snyder, who was charismatic and good-looking. But they also believed that Snyder was surrounded by others in power that were providing him with poor advice when it came to creating sound economic policies. In particular, they were upset with his Chief Minister, Jason Horner, who they believed was more interesed in appeasing Vin Dane than in meeting the needs of their communities.

Chris Snyder was assassinated in late April of 2265 by Melissa Cortona, who managed to frame Jason Horner for ordering the hit.

Behind the ScenesEdit

This character was named after a former co-worker of one of the players who ran a fraudulent shoe stealing scam at a department store where they were employed and got fired. His Actor Avatar is Arnold Schwarzenegger...because, really, using him for a Cyborg or a badass soldier would be too cliché.

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