Long on mottos, short on cash.

The Christian Federation was a faction during the 3rd Civil War led by Andrew Tremont (better known as "Bad Andy.") It was essentially a dictatorship with a veneer of democracy. It existed for only one year (2243-4) with its capital was San Angeles where Tremont directed their military towards initial success and then catastrophic failure.


Their "democratic" government was rather flawed, since Tremont sti

Organizational chart of the Christian Federation (Click for larger image)

ll held direct control as leader of all key organizations. Bad Andy was listed officially as "Commander of the Faithful," where he was commander-in-chief, head of state and government, chief justice, and chief bureaucrat. However, although he had final authority, he did delegate some authority to his assistants.

Their legislative branch was called the Christian Elder Assembly, led by Elder Randall Kettering, as Vice-President of the body. They elected the Grand Council, which was made of several ministers, who in turn elected Tremont as their Chairman. The ministries included:

  • Mind (Education)
  • Soul (Church, Justice)
  • Body (Public Health, Vice)
  • Faith (Secret Police), led by Lieutenant Ira Weiss.
  • War (Training, Recruits)
  • Peace (Foreign Affairs), led by Elder Reginald Samuels.
  • Health (Welfare, Labor)
  • Wealth (Treasury, Grants)

The Grand Council of the Christian Federation met only once, to rubber stamp the election of Andrew Tremont. Lieutenant Ira Weiss, Minister of Faith, was frequently utilized and became the unofficial Deputy Commander of the Faithful. Most other ministry officials were changed at whim.


Their military was divided up into two branches, the Righteous Army being the most important, led by Right Sword Calton Reks, deputy commander. Much of their recruits were barely trained, sent en masse into combat. The Righteous Navy existed primarily to protect their army's transports as they made an assault. The navy was led by Left Sword Gus Simeon, deputy commander.

Ranks were equally incomprehensible to the outside observer. Their ranks included:

  • Swords: Army (10 Corps) or Fleet Commander.
  • Lieutenants: Corps (10 Regiments) or Squadron Commander.
  • Captains: Regimental (10 Companies) or Ship Commander.
  • Elder: Company (10 Troops) Commander, Section Leader, or member of the Christian Elder Assembly.
  • Deacons: Troop (10 Men) Commander or Foremen.
  • Soldier / Sailor of the Lord: Ordinary personnel.

End of the Christian Federation

After the sabotage of the Phoenix yards, by then Commander Xinjao O'Reilly, the Righteous Navy was left with no ability to produce more ships. Limited to converted freighters, they were feeble when faced with any ship greater than a destroyer. Shortly after, a Tech Infantry sleeper agent, Alistar Dimiye, destroyed the Righteous Army's experimental space-capable power suit program. With little left to fight with, the Christian Federation maintained a purely defensive strategy until the end of the war, when the Earth Fleet used their superior numbers to take back the Christian systems one by one.

The final conquest of San Angeles was a slaughter, leaving the last of the Righteous Army to be destroyed by the armored troopers of the Tech Infantry. It is rumored that Bad Andy took his own life rather than surrender; leaving Calton Reks, leader of the Righteous Army, to run off with Andy's family (his wife Constance and their kids) and headed for the rim, but was neither confirmed or denied by the Federation's after battle reports.

Behind the Scenes

Marcus is far from being anti-religious, but the Christian Federation reflected a Moral Majority-esque trend in American politics, and was fun to play with. The detailed government system reflects Marcus' interest in speculative government structure -- and tends to make huge org charts for really no reason.

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