One way to Get A Head in life

"Clonesicles" is the slang term for cloned human beings which are allowed to develop physically to adulthood, but chemically lobotomized while still in the embryonic stage, and then placed in suspended animation once reaching maximum physical development, and are used as a source of transplant organs. Normally a luxury of wealthy individuals who can afford the immense expense of both cloning themselves, and storing the clone indefinitely in the equivalent of an intensive care unit. Once enough organs are removed to render the clone inviable even in a stasis tank, the remaining organs are, by law, made freely available to compatible patients who cannot afford a clonesicle of their own.

Erich Von Shrakenberg had his left arm and right leg replaced by those from his stored clonsicle after being severely injured during participation in Task Force 23. Argus McCall was too poor to afford a clonesicle of his own, so after he was gravely injured in combat, he was turned into a Cyborg.

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