K'Nes stress style over substance, even in warship design. (Click for larger image)

The Contract-class was the smallest fighter carrier built by the K'Nes Tor Navy, intended primarily for guarding cargo convoys through hosilte teritory. It carries 84 fighters (7 squardons of 12), although it only has 80 fighter launch tubes, asuming that at any given time there will be a few fighters down for repairs, refueling, rearming, etc.

Weapon Systems

Designed to operate as a lone warship without support if necessarily, it is more heavily armed that a typical K'Nes fighter carrier. It carries a larger number of short- and mid-range weapons in turrent mounts, rather than focusing on large capital weapons in fixed mounts.

Drive Systems

The Loophole is powered by a standad ion drive. As the Contract class was designed to escort cargo convoys along commercial and military hyperspace lanes using existing jumpgates, it was not equipped with a gravity drive.


After the Federation defeat of the K'Nes Tor in the Second Vulthra War, all other ships of this class were destroyed, scuttled, or confiscated and dismantled by the Earth Federation. The Loophole is the lone survivor not only of its class, but of the entire K'Nes Tor Navy.

The Loophole is currently owned by the Gurrmew & Yeomurt LLP megacorp in the K'Laek system, and commanded by one of thier corporate clan's LEOs, Gurrmew K'Laek K'Soth.

Behind the Scenes

The Loophole was designed by player Ed Stasheff, and very loosely inspired by the Destiny from Stargate: Universe.

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