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Measuring in at nearly five miles long and three miles wide, the Coral Sea-class of Star Control Ships were the largest combat vessels to ever be fielded at the time of their launch.  Each vessel carried a full Tech Infantry Legion, consisting of 10 divisions (a total 100,000 troopers), along with 48 Assault Pinnaces and four Gryphon-class assault ships to land them on a planet.  She also carried two Mass Drivers and sixteen squadrons of starfighters (192 fighters total) to support the troopers on the ground.

Her armament consists of a surprisingly small number of forty Lance Torpedo launch tubes in favor of sixteen heavy Particle Cannons and a whopping 64 truly massive six-meter Grav Lasers, reflecting the fact that she was designed in the mid-2100's to fight Bug starships which at the time lacked much long-ranged weaponry.

Origionally, the Coral Sea-class was equiped with spatial distortion accelerator to open jump points into hyperspace, which at the time gave them incredible strategic capabilities.  However, all surviving members of this class were upgraded shortly before the Third Civil War to increase the number of point-defense mountings and replace its original first-generation Grav Drive with a third-generation Gravity Drive capable of providing both shielding and propulsion.

Generally, these ships are escorted by a screen of six destroyers.  Whereas the Ares-class can operate separate from the fleet, the Coral Sea-class must be protected at all times.

Known ShipsEdit

  • EFS Coral Sea SC-5 (Site of the signing of the Coral Sea Treaty in 2202)
  • EFS Midway SC-6
  • EFS Trafalgar SC-7
  • EFS Salamis SC-8
  • EFS Lepanto SC-9
  • EFS River Plate SC-10
  • EFS North Cape SC-11
  • EFS Jutland SC-12 (Destroyed at New Madrid in 2243)
  • EFS Leyte Gulf SC-15
  • EFS Cape Engano SC-16
  • EFS Santa Cruz SC-17 (Captured by TI Rebels early during Third Civil War, destroyed as Admiral Twedt's flagship at Battle of Avalon, 2243)
  • EFS Phillipine Sea SC-18

Behind the ScenesEdit

Class designed by Nathan Bax as part of a pissing contest with Penny Horwitz over the size of ships used in the second and third seasons of the game.  Ships of this class are named after famous naval battles.

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