Horadrim copy of the treaty - simplified pictograms simulated their written form.

The Coral Sea Treaty was signed in 2202 between the Earth Federation and the Horadrim Empire. After assisting the 86th Platoon in defeating the 1st Triumvirate in the 1st Civil War , the Horadrim were too few in number to continue as a political force. So they pushed for a formal agreement in order to gain concessions from the Fed so that their race could continue on in human space. The agreement was signed on the EFS Coral Sea and was named after the ship.

The agreement stipulated that:

  1. All Horadrim prisoners, including the children taken and experimented on by the Technocracy, were to be freed.
  2. All Horadrim and their descendants are full, voting citizens of the Earth Federation, and exempt from future service in the Tech Infantry.
  3. Hodraida was to remain a free system, owned in perpetuity by the descendents of the Horadrim race, but under the nominal rule of the Federation.
  4. Fed scientists were obligated to help the Horadrim alter their biology to allow them to reproduce.
  5. The Horadrim would turn over one of their systems every 10 years to the Federation to allow humans to colonize them. Attempts to colonize them sooner would mean obliteration by the Horadrim's planetary defenses.
  6. Horadrim would help the Fed defeat the Bugs.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Although human scientists did add human DNA to horadrim systems, few horadrim children were born afterwards. The remaining horadrim are hybrids and often pass for humans. Vin Dane is the only recorded prisoner who was freed under the treaty; the rest having died under experimentation. Horadrim technology was ineffectual at stopping the Bugs and they continue as a menace on the frontier. Horadrim did become citizens of the Federation, but those that remained in the Federation were often targetted by megacorps and government agencies. To avoid further discrimination, the Horadrim citizens asked to have their records altered, so that they appeared human. Most Horadrim children grew up believing they were human, only discovering their true form later.  One ex-Horadrim colony world was transferred fully to Federation control, the Draco system.  Although settled by a few million humans, it remains a military research reservation with tightly controlled access, although now ruled by the Holy Terran Empire.  

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

This actually happened during Season 2, allowing the Federation to expand, and put a nice ribbon on ending the Tech Infantry story. Oh, how wrong we were...

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