Large and In Charge

The criminal known to the world only as Cornelius is a werewolf who works for the Fearless Jackals. Initially only a middling member working on Wilke's Star, he became an early supporter of Andrea Treschi, and when Treschi killed the organization's founder in 2244 and took over control of the group, Cornelius rose with him to a senior leadership post.

Season Eight Alternate TimelineEdit

When Andrea Treschi acquired a formal job as one of the top powers behind the throne in the Eastern Bloc, Cornelius took over the day-to-day running of Treschi's criminal enterprises on his behalf, including the Fearless Jackals. After Treschi engineered the fall of the Earth Federation and its conquest by the Bloc to form the Middle Kingdom, the Yakuza moved into the power vacuum, muscling in on the turf of the non-Asian criminal enterprises who previously had ruled the underworld of many Federation worlds. Realizing they could not beat the Yakuza, Cornelius and the Fearless Jackals opted to join them, instead. The alliance was a fruitful one; the Yakuza sucessfully displaced or absorbed all the major organized crime groups in human space, and those non-asian criminals who survived the process mostly ended up working for Cornelius and Treschi in what came to be known as the Yakuza Gaijin, the only faction of the Yakuza to have a non-Asian majority among its members.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Cornelius was a popular character who showed up several times in the stories. His Actor Avatar is Michael Clarke Duncan.

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