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Yes, he was this tough. And pompous.

Not much is known of Corric Lightfoot, save that he was big, tough, and dangerous to know. Before he came to the Grand Council, his previous history was purged, and an obviously fictitious background was placed in the official Earth Federation record.

Many historians believe that Corric was originally a Wendigo werewolf and a trooper in the Tech Infantry, although probably never rising above a non-commissioned officer. Speculations arise that Corric was the end product of a Federation secret project involving their new allies, the Black Hand. Since the likelihood of creating an abomination such as Corric are small, it's believed that Pyramus Grey fed many unwilling werewolf victims to the antediluvians Arikel and Ventrue in order to achieve this horrific result.

Lightfoot exceeded expectations; with the powers of a 4th generation vampire and a werewolf at his disposal, he became a god on the battlefield. He was quickly promoted through the ranks, until Isis appreciated his abilities, and had him transferred to Internal Security. He became a major in charge of grey ops. Eventually, Isis convinced Pyramus Grey to make him the Marshal of the Federation Armed Forces. This was the formation of the 1st Triumvirate. At first, he was assumed to be a useful bodyguard and extra vote in support on the Grand Council. However, Corric's cleverness soon emerged, and he became a equal with the other two mages. He pushed for more testing and other secret projects were advanced--especially Project Nightmare.

During the 1st Civil War, this particular pet project led to his downfall and the intervention of the 86th Platoon. Arthur Clarke personally killed the abomination, and with it, the 1st Triumvirate.

Behind the Scenes[]

He was an NPC during Second Season, and we don't remember much about him. We gave him Henry Rollins for an Actor Avatar