Crusader Teams were special units of the former Earth Federation military and police forces tasked with
Crusader Team

A Crusader Team

hunting down and killing all Vampires within the Federation. After the Federation was gone, the name was still used for the anti-Vampire hunter-killer groups in the Holy Terran Empire (and, in an alternate timeline, of Imperial Security in the Middle Kingdom).

The practice of hunting down vampires can be traced back centuries. Mages, Garou, the Catholic Church, and ordinary mortals whose lives had been impacted by Vampires all formed groups to hunt Vampires, on scales both small and large. While the weapons and methods of the Crusader Teams have much improved during that time, their task remains a difficult one. Vampires have long been masters of hiding in the shadows and working through others, whether those be Ghouls or mortals too terrified to refuse.

19th Century Crusader

A pre-Gehenna Vampire Hunter in the pay of the Catholic Church

In the years immediately after the destruction of the Kingdom of Enoch, the great disruption this caused in Vampire Society was both a headache and a godsend for the Crusader Teams. On the one hand, millions of Vampires were fleeing their former kingdom and seeking new places to hide, and there were simply too many leads to follow them all. On the other hand, these refugee vampires were coming into conflict with established underground Vampire groups and causing disruptions which brought to light many previously unsuspected vampire hideouts and organizations. When the dust settled, it seemed that so many vampires had been eliminated that the threat was now smaller than it had ever been since long before Gehenna. Although this led to a reduction in funding and numbers for the Crusader teams, their presence is still felt in every major human settlement, and anyone who doesn't ostentatiously appear outdoors in sunlight on a regular basis is likely to have suspicion fall upon them.

After the fall of the Federation and the rise of the Holy Terran Empire, the Crusader Teams were disbanded, as they were part of the old Federation military.  The name has stuck around as an informal nickname for equivalent units which still exist and patrol most systems in the Empire, but these days, they are part of the local Police forces or the Armsmen of the local House, not part of the Imperial military. Their funding and level of activity thus varies from system to system. On Wilke's Star and Van Diemen, House Mallorea does not operate such units for fairly obvious reasons.  House Tremont and House Vendo agree on little else, but both keep their Crusader Teams very well funded and equipped.

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