An LI soldier who lost half their face in combat with the Bugs and had it replaced with cybernetic implants

Technically, a Cyborg is human who has had mechanical or electronic devices surgically implanted into their body to enhance their abilities or restore functionality after an injury. Soldiers in the LI and TI are often given cybernetic replacements for body parts lost in combat which are optimized for combat and can be even more effective than their previous equipment. Many such cyborg soldiers become Snipers to take advantage of cybernetic eyesight or reflexes, and many of them are also fitted with control equipment for Sniper Drones, small insect-like robots with remote sensor equipment for locating and identifying targets.

Additionally, the term Cyborg may also be used to refer to fully artificial robots which are sophisticated enough to be mistaken for humans by the casual observer.

Among player characters, Damien Richter and Argus McCall were significantly cybernetic, while Maeve Harrington, Arthur Clarke, and Xinjao O'Reilly also had cybernetic eyes or limbs.

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