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God help you if he classifies you as a definite threat.

The Cyborg known as Damien Richter was a creation of Internal Security, developed as part of Project Nexus. He was responsible for millions of deaths during the later stages of the Third Civil War.

Creation and TrainingEdit

Originally known as XES-3, Richter was created from cloned tissue and cybernetic implants, more human than a Hitmark but less so than other cyborgs such as Argus McCall. Taking advantage of lessons learned during the disastrous Project Vitek, InSec researchers were able to clone a body without contaminating its mind with the memories of the tissue donor, although the resultant clone was unable to access the full magickal abilities of the donor as a result. Enhanced strength and speed, as well as improved controlability, would instead come from extensive cybernetic implants. Richter was put together on Sublevel 3 at the Elysian Fields Research Center in the city of Bloemfontein, south of Avalon City on the planet Avalon. After a period of training and programming, he was given a name and his first assignment: personal bodyguard for Rashid King, who had just been promoted from Commandant of InSec to Marshal of the Federation.

Dirty Deeds, Done With Mechanical PrecisionEdit

While serving King as bodyguard, he was also sent on other missions, such as the silencing of Anton Tutanken, a governor who had threatened to testify before the Grand Council on the subject of King's corruption, abuse of power, and treachery. Richter and Angelo, a Sabbat Ghoul also working with King, ambushed Tutanken in a bathroom, killed his bodyguards, and injected the governor with a particularly painful and fatal poison. To save his own life, Tutanken agreed to drink vampiric blood from Angelo's wrist, binding the governor to serve Angelo's true masters in the Sabbat.

King's Coup AttemptEdit

But not all of King's political enemies could be silenced so easily. Erich Von Shrakenberg surprised King by returning from Mars at the helm of a Horadim Battlecruiser that had formerly been operated by InSec. The battlecruiser had been part of a fleet that King had sent to aid the Resistance in destroying an Earth Fleet task force over Mars, both to protect the Resistance he secretly controlled, and to embarass his political rival, Grand Fleet Admiral Kristen Vorheis. When Von Shrakenberg exposed this treachery before the Grand Council, King was forced to put a coup he had been planning into motion before he was fully ready. King opened fire on the rest of the Grand Council right there in the Council Chambers, starting by killing Chairman Abdul Johnson. But before he could finish off the last of them, he was interrupted by Xavier Pollos, an assassin previously sent to murder King, whom King had instead recruited into InSec's service. Pollos had turned on King once more and tried to kill him. Richter moved to protect his master, but Pollos was faster, and he severely wounded Richter with his magic sword, Kuar. With Richter out of the way and his other co-conspirator, Herbert Gergenstein, busy holding off the last few Grand Council members, Pollos was able to engage King in single combat and defeat him. With the Coup thus clearly failed, Gergenstein gathered up the damaged and unconscious body of Richter and escaped from the Council Building.

Roaring Rampage Of RevengeEdit

Now hunted fugitives, Gergenstein gathered what was left of Project Nexus' surviving personnel and had Richter repaired. Richter and the other XES units were sent out to conduct a campaign of terror, sabotage, and kidnapping throughout the Federation Capital of Avalon, to punish the enemies of InSec and keep them too busy to track down Gergenstein as he went into hiding to rebuild his network of supporters. Their first target in this Operation Anarchy was the Defense Building, crippling the Federation's ability to command and control their forces fighting against an invasion of the Avalon System by the Tech Infantry Rebels faction, who had attacked in the midst of the chaos caused by King's initial coup attempt. Badly wounded in this action, Richter was again repaired and sent back into action, to kidnap scientists and other people with good genes to serve as cloning stock for creating more XES units. In between missions, he began a series of upgrades and training exericses designed to prepare him as a successor in case of the loss of Leviathan, the operational leader of their group, who herself was a cyborg soldier and the product of Project Nimrod. But when he was sent to capture for cloning Xavier Pollos, Pollos turned the table on Richter and captured him.

Breaking BondsEdit

Curious as to who had sent a cyborg after him, Pollos left the disabled cyborg with a back-alley surgeon of his previous acquaintance, and went on with his quest to contact his other former associates. The doctor in turn hired a hacker known as The Cybersoldier, who broke into Richter's computer mind with some success. Just not enough, because Richter woke up, broke the net connection to the hacker, killed the doctor, and escaped. The incident left his core programming damaged, notably his central loyalty module was fried, leaving him without the overriding loyalty to InSec he was designed with. Richter soon located an underground arms dealer working out of a pharmacy and acquired weaponry, but was soon captured again by his former assoicates in Operation Anarchy. But the operation had served its purpose by this point, and Herbert Gergenstein attempted to shut it down. In fact, he attempted to have the XES units killed by troopers loyal to him, hoping to use this heroic defeat of rogue cyborgs supposedly allied with the Tech Infantry Rebels as a way to worm his way back into favor with the new powers that be. While the other XES units meekly submitted themselves for slaughter, Richter's compromised loyalty protocols allowed him to fight back against his own extinction, and turn the tables on Gergenstein. Gergenstein barely escaped with his life, while Richter escaped with the unconscious body of Leviathan, now reprogrammed to be loyal to Richter alone.

Seeking SupportEdit

Richter next tried to continue the methods of Operation Anarchy, to set up a secret headquarters, and then obtain allies to support his growing army of cyborgs. His attempt to contact the Dead Boys led by Malachi Spyder and form an alliance with the stranded Rebel soldiers ended in disaster, however, and a three-way shootout between the cyborgs, the rebels, and a Loyalist unit of scouts led by Lt. Jonathon Walters ensued. Caught in crossfire and gravely wounded, Richter himself was forced to shut down for nanobot repairs. Picked up off the battlefield by a salvage team of scrap dealers looking for weaponry to be sold on the black market, Richter's body was obtained from them by none other than Dr. Shiro, the former head of Project Nexus, who had built Richter in the first place. Unemployed following the destruction of the Elysian Fields research center and the fall of InSec, Shiro had apparently decided to go into business for himself, with an army of Cyborg Mercenaries loyal to him alone who would be hired out to the highest bidder.

(To Be Continued)

Behind the ScenesEdit

Richter was the Season 4.3 player character of Andy Baumann. His Actor Avatar is Dolph Lundgren.

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