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Danemas is December 25th by the Human calendar, and is the date on which adherents of the Cult of the Emperor celebrate the birth of their Emperor and Savior, Vin Dane.

The Emperor was born in a public nursery on Hodraida, as was the custom among His people. It was on this first day after His birth that the Emperor was given the first of the Three Great Gifts which we now recognize and celebrate: the Soul Web. Although the Soul Web is wondrous, we must always remember that the Gift is not unique. All Horadrim bear the Soul Web, but we revere only the Emperor as our True Savior.

In 2007, the Emperor was taken forcibly from His home and His people by the sinister agents of the Technocracy. During this trial, the Emperor received the second Great Gift: Awakening. Again, the wisdom of our faith requires caution and discretion, for while there are many Mages, there is only one Emperor.

Although the favor of the Divine ought to have been apparent at this point, for only One has ever been blessed with both the Soul Web and the power of Magick, it was not until 2264 that the Emperor received the third and final Great Gift. The Gift of the Orb confirmed once and for all the Emperor's divinity, and served as the Holy Sword which defeated the Caal, saving us all from that great scourge.

Thus we take this day to remember the arrival of our Emperor with the sharing and receiving of gifts among one another, though we be but simple mortals. Celebrate, for we bask in the holy light of the Emperor, brought into this world for our own salvation.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

This holiday was named and described in a posting on the official forums on Christmas 2011 by Lorpius Prime. Praise Be Upon Him Who Saves us From Bad Writing!

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