Darius about to turn into Crinos

Darius Longbow III is a werewolf in the Sabbat


Darius III is werewolf Sabbat Pack leader currently serving under Calihye Chembryl in Calaunt.

Darius III is the third generation of werewolves in his line to have joined the Sabbat. His grandfather Darius Longbow joined the Sabbat in the mid 22nd century. After serving with them for nearly twenty years, he left the organization due to his objections over their methods. His son Darius II disagreed with his father and joined the Sabbat when he was old enough in order to avoid having to be forced to enlist in the TI. He later died in a street war, but his son Darius III joined like his father when he came of age.

Darius III is known for his toughness and is well respected in the Sabbat in spite of the fact that he is a werewolf . It is believed that Darius is still in Calaunt although his recent activities are unknown.

Recent History and DeathEdit

Darius was killed by Luther Petridis while facing William Bishop in a street fight in New Schaumburg, which is suburb of Darwin on Van Diemen.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The concept for Darius Longbow III was based upon an old archive of the TI created by a former moderator. According to the archive Darius Longbow was played by someone in a table top game and specifically says that the original Darius was a werewolf with the Sabbat at one time.

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