David Marcus

Come on. Be one of us.

David Marcus was a vampire with the rank of Bishop in the Sabbat

General InformationEdit

Born in 2200, David was brought into a Sabbat Pack as a Brother under a Ductus named Calihye Chembryl. Under her leadership, David quickly became a well respected vampire in their Pack that was assigned responsibility for the Tanner Ward in Calaunt, which was one of the major trading port cities on Wilke's Star. In 2228, Calihye became Bishop and David was promoted to Ductus. In 2236, the Archbishop leading the Sabbat in the city was killed during an assault by the Raptors. In the aftermath that followed, David took the position of Bishop and Calihye assumed the role of Archbishop.

In 2250 David's Pack was surprised when they became aware of a young werepanther named William Bishop roaming the back alleys of their area and attempting to join a gang. David told his superiors of this unusual activity. They informed him to only to obseve and not to engage the werepanther except in self defense.

In the following years, David played a key role in the War of Blood and took the position of Bishop overseeing the activities of two Packs on the TI retiree continent on Midgar. Among those he worked with closely was Irene York, and he supervised the activities of several packs on the continent of New Tokyo Island. But in 2265 he returned to Wilke's Star and Calaunt in order to take part in the founding of the Wilke's Star Free State under heavy Sabbat influence.

During a mission to Van Diemen to subvert its government so its new administration could declare independence from the Holy Terran Empire and instead join the Wilke's Star Free State, he joined with William Bishop and Melissa Cortona to investigate a possible conspiracy within the Sabbat's own ranks. While pursuing a lead in this investigation, David was killed by Darius Longbow III in an alleyway fight.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The first name and persona for this NPC is based upon the vampire David from the movie The Lost Boys played by Kiefer Sutherland, who of course also provides his Actor Avatar. The player also had an old childhood friend named David Marcus, so Marcus was chosen as the last name.

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