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Of course he doesn't look like a spy, good spies never do

Commander David Tibbetts is a member of Earth Fleet Intelligence and one of the spymasters of the Earth Federation under Grand Council Chairman and Admiral Joseph Smythe.

Early Life[]

David Tibbetts was born on Avalon in 2212, the son of an Earth Fleet officer and a law school professor. He grew up mainly in boarding schools on New Paris and Avalon, and attended the Fleet Academy starting in 2230. His initial field of concentration was in engineering, and he served as a junior officer supervising the maintenance of sensor equipment on Star Control Ships for his first few deployments. He soon ended up as a sensor officer on the bridge of a frigate, and in this capacity he witnessed Arthur Clarke's assault on Wilke's Star from orbit in 2236.

Combat Command[]

From being a sensor officer, he soon went into staff work, preparing reports on reconaissance and sensor data for the commanders of fleets and task forces. He served as a junior member of the staff of Karl Von Shrakenberg in the years immediately prior to the Third Civil War. During that conflict, he was briefly loaned to Internal Security as an executive officer on the corvette ISS Vigilante, after which he commanded the corvette EFS Glassman and the frigate EFS Nimrod. After the conflict, he briefly transferred back to staff work, on the personal staff of Admiral Kristen Vorheis, before transferring to Fleet Intelligence.

Marriage, Retirement, and Recall to Duty[]

While serving in Fleet Headquarters for several years in the late 2240's, monitoring the loyalty of Earth Fleet personnel to prevent another Civil War, he fell in love with and married Petra Crespo, one of the civilian secretaries working in the Bureau of Personnel. He briefly retired in 2249 and got a job with a private consulting firm, but the Vin Shriak War two years later saw him recalled to active duty once more. He served on the staff of Admiral Nirav Patel throughout the conflict, and saw the Vin Shriak suns destroyed in person. The war over and Patel no longer in favor, his career went into a rut and he was stuck in dead-end headquarters jobs for the next few years. After Patel returned to service as Fleet Admiral, Tibbettts finally managed to attach himself to the star of Joseph Smythe, and was with him as a staff officer on the frontier when the Caal invaded.

Spymaster Among the Stars[]

With the Caal defeated, but Federation seemingly in ruins and the Holy Terran Empire on the march, Smythe became determined to save the Federation from Vin Dane's megalomania. But Smythe also knew that in this situation, he was going to face massive problems with morale and loyalty among his forces, and he needed to be sure he could trust the people under him. Tibbetts was one of those dispatched to recruit a new force of Commissars to monitor and ensure the loyalty of Federation military personnel, and one of those he recruited was Argus McCall. McCall managed to stumble onto a plot among high-ranking Werecreatures among the TI, especially in the Raptors, who were afraid that Clarke's policies of favor were threatened by the impending merger between Smythe's Federation and Aisha Ramirez's Ministry of Public Safety.

Tibbetts later played a key role in negotiating the alliance between the Federation and the Sabbat, and in planning the operation to assassinate Vin Dane which ended disastrously in the Battle of the Round Table.  In the aftermath of Smythe's own assassination, Tibbetts disappeared, and his whereabouts are currently unknown. 

Behind the Scenes[]

David Tibbetts is named for one of Martin's former managers from when he worked at Radio Shack, and who himself claimed to be a distant relative (despite the different spellings of their last names) of Paul Tibbets, the pilot who dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. His wife is named for another of Martin's old Radio Shack managers, albeit with a gender-flipped name. His Actor Avatar is Phil McGraw, who has almost as ridiculous a mustache as Martin's old Manager Dave Tibbetts, who is the only person Martin ever met to actually wax their mustache like Snidely Whiplash or something.