Part of an early version of Delta Armor

Delta Armor is a light type of Body Armor worn by the Earth Federation's Tech Infantry and Light Infantry soldiers on missions where mobility is paramount or enemy fire is expected to be minimal. It is most frequently used in boarding actions on starships by Light Infantry troopers enforcing smuggling laws, or other law-enforcement operations. It can function as an emergency space suit with very limited endurance, and its lack of bulkiness compared to Power Armor makes it easier to crawl around in maintenance ducts or cramped corridors. It does not provide the strength augmentation of actual power armor, and much less defensive protection. Its slight resemblance to certain fictional body armor has led it to be derisively be called "Stormtrooper Armor" by some troopers who prefer the greater protection and firepower of Power Armor.

In the Holy Terran Empire, Delta Armor is gradually being replaced with the new Zeta Armor.

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