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Demar Palencia was the first Field Marshal of the Imperial Army of the Holy Terran Empire.  He served as a sergeant in the Tech Infantry under the Federation and fought in many of the expansion wars that took place in the 2250's and 2260's thanks to the directives of Arthur Clarke.  After an expedition to Port Arthur, his platoon was stationed on Jennifer's Star, where they were transferred to the authority of Colonel Vin Dane.

Vin was after Xavier Pollos, who was the wielder of the Orb, which the colonel believed was the key to defeating the Caal Invasion.  Unfortunately, Dane didn't realize the power Pollos had over the artifact, and this led to the destruction of Palencia's platoon.  After retrieving Demar from orbit, Palencia joined Dane to get the Orb, and after they caught up with Pollos in New Chicago, Demar defeated Pollos in an epic sword fight.  Vin Dane took the Orb, and with it, they were finally able to stop the Caal.  Palencia himself took up Pollos' other magic sword, Kuar, and after Dane's ascension to Holy Terran Emperor, he was elevated to Field Marshal and organized the Imperial Army to help re-unify the shattered Federation into the Holy Terran Empire.

At the Battle of the Round Table at the end of the Ascension War, Demar was killed in combat by William Bishop, trying to defend the Emperor.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Demar was somewhat based on Alistar Dimiye, Frank's character from Season 4.3, and on a minor character that never got fleshed out called Tomas Delarosa.  So the Hispanic werewolf character was born and used in Prayer for the Technocrats.  Unfortunately, although he gets mentioned a lot, he only appears in Season 9 once... for his expected but unfortunate end.

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