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Piss her off and she'll teleport you into the sun

Diana Reid is a Major in the Tech Infantry, serving the Earth Federation. She is a Correspondance Mage specializing in use of long-distance Correspondance Portals for purposes of communication and intelligence gathering.

Early Career[]

She was born Diana Themis on Minos in 2231. She was awakened as a mage at age 19 and promptly joined the Tech Infantry. She served with distinction in the Vin Shriak and Vulthra wars, as well as several campaigns against the Bugs. It was during a deployment on Fieras VI that she met and fell in love with her future husband, Daniel Reid, who was also a TI soldier and a Matter Mage. They were married a few years later, in 2263, and spent their honeymoon visiting the city of Loud Water on the planet Kalintos.

Caal Invasion[]

Returning to duty after their honeymoon, they were assigned to a Tech Infantry unit serving as Marines on board the Star Control Ship EFS Hachiman, part of a task force under the command of Admiral Nirav Patel. Called to defend the capital planet against an invasion by the Caal, they fought in the Battle of Avalon. During the battle, the ship was destroyed. Diana made it to the escape pods and survived a crash-landing on the planet below; her husband Danny did not reach the pods in time and was killed. When Vin Dane claimed all credit for destroying the Caal and minimized the contribution of the millions of others who had fought and died, Diana Reid swore vengeance on him and fled to join the rump Earth Federation led by Admiral Joseph Smythe.

Kalintos and Beyond[]

Diana was assigned as commanding officer of an infantry company in the 10th TI Legion, and sent to help liberate Kalintos. While still en route to the planet, she successfully opened up a correspondence portal into the headquarters of the Imperial Army forces on the planet, allowing Argus McCall to send through one of his remote sensor drones and gain valuable intelligence information on enemy plans. Upon arrival at the Kalintos System, she operated the Transit Beacon used to teleport Soti's Slammers over to the INS Alastar Dimiye and capture that vessel, allowing the Earth Fleet task force to approach the planet unmolested. She participated in the invasion and liberation of Kalintos, and afterwards was sent to participate in the invasion of St. Michael's Star. She and her company were among the troops stranded on the planet under the command of Major General Nasrudin Carson when Vice Admiral Gabriella Munoz was forced to withdraw her ships and abandon the troops on the planet.

Behind the Scenes[]

Her original concept is based on an especially cute waitress named Diana that Martin met on vacation in Russia. The name Diana Themis is based on the birth name of Wonder Woman. Going with a comic book superhero name motif led via Reed Richards to Britt Reid. Which of course led to naming her dead husband after Danny Reid, a very old friend of several of the players. Her Actor Avatar is Gillian Anderson.