Draco 2265

The Draco System is a star system that, due to a quirk in the way 3-dimensional space is depicted on 2-dimensional maps, appears to be smack dab in the middle of human space, but is actually far "below" the bulk of other human-settled systems.  It is connected by military hyperspace routes to Earth and Hodraida, and directly ruled by the Emperor as part of the fiefdom of his own House Dane.

History[edit | edit source]

Draco was colonized by the Horadrim thousands of years ago, and was a major military outpost of their Empire.  During their long war with the Caal, it was repeatedly overrun and recaptured.  Finally abandoned, it was re-occupied by the Bugs and later served as a launching point for several waves of Bug attacks on Human space.  When the Coral Sea Treaty was signed in 2202, Draco was the first former Horadrim world opened for Human colonization.  Humans had raided and bombarded the planet before while fighting the Bugs, and they were understandably annoyed that they would have to fight the Bugs to get the first fruits of their supposed alliance with the Horadrim.  But when automated defenses thwarted two attempts to colonize other abandoned Horadrim worlds, the Tech Infantry buckled down for a grueling campaign to claim Draco as their own.  It took most of a decade, but Draco was finally declared conquered in 2211, which proved to be premature when an overlooked Bug hive was discovered a decade later on its southern continent.  The last known bug infestation was finally cleared for good (so far as anyone can tell) in 2223.

Draco proved to be worth the investment, however.  Abandoned Horadrim cities litter the surface, and while the climate is not as well suited for Humans as it was for Horadrim, especially after millennia of Bug infestation and decades of space-age warfare to reclaim it from them, it is indeed suitable for colonization.  The technological wonders of the Horadrim ruins will keep human scientists and archaeologists busy for centuries, as they try to unlock the secrets of Horadrim organic technology.

Draco was briefly seized by The Resistance during the later stages of the Third Civil War.  Most of its defenders had been pulled out to plug other gaps in the Federation's defenses after their costly victory at the Battle of Avalon, and the Resistance managed to hack the codes to access the military jumpgate route from Earth.  Following the evacuation of the Earth System a few months later, the Resistance also pulled out of Draco, that system having become untenable.  The system returned to Earth Federation hands from that point until the Caal Invasion, when its entire garrison was withdrawn to Avalon for the final battle against the Caal.  When the Holy Terran Empire arose after the defeat of the Caal, Draco was one of its founding member systems, although it saw no fighting during the Ascension War.  With the important role that diplomatic relations with the Horadrim played in the new galactic order, Draco's key importance as the gateway to Hodraida meant the system was directly ruled as part of the fiefdom of House Dane.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

Draco had a population of around 100 million as of 2265, many of them uniformed members of the Imperial military, scientific researchers, civilian contractors employed to support them, and the families of all three groups.  The entire system was off-limits to non-human aliens other than Horadrim advisers to the scientific research teams poring over the ruins.  The economy of the system focuses on both the scientific investigation of the ruins, and a substantial military presence to protect and benefit from them.  Large portions of the planet are also taken up by enormous military-owned plantations, growing food crops to be manufactured into ration packs and other supplies for military use.  The few cities occupied by humans also feature a substantial manufacturing industry, using reconditioned Horadrim equipment to manufacture weapons and other devices partially using Horadrim technology.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Draco's sole habitable world has three main continents, known simply as the eastern, western, and southern continents.  Most human settlement and activity is on the Eastern continent, as it has the nicest climate by human standards, and is most suitable for agriculture.

Millennia of Horadrim and later Bug occupation left the system with few accessible but unexploited mineral resources, so while there are substantial asteroid belts, there is little human mining or prospecting activity. Instead, the asteroid belts and the moon systems of the six gas giant planets in the outer system were used as training areas for Imperial Navy maneuvers and Imperial Army exercises.  A substantial naval picket is maintained in Draco at all times to guard the only practical route to or from the Horadrim homeworld for purposes of trade or diplomacy.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Draco is named after the constellation - and because it sounds cool.

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