The dreadnought classes active during the third civil war, shown to scale

A dreadnought is the largest class of warship in most space navies in explored space.  Human Star Control Ships and Vin Shriak Worldships are larger, but that's it.  At over two kilometers long, they are truly massive feats of engineering and design.

Dreadnoughts are subdivided into three broad classifications:

  • Assault Dreadnoughts, such as the Electra-class, carry substantial ground forces and the wherewithal to land them on a hostile surface, but are also far too capable in a space battle to be considered mere transports.
  • Finally, just plain Dreadnoughts, like the Nicodemus-class, are mostly balanced designs that are mainly intended to fight other starships, but also have significant fighter or ground troop facilities.

Human Dreadnoughts:

Jurvain Dreadnoughts:

K'Nes Dreadnoughts:

  • King Mirrath IV Class

Bug Dreadnoughts

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

"Dreadnought" was originally the term for a first-generation modern seagoing Battleship, after the HMS Dreadnought of 1906, the first such ship with fast oil-fired turbine propulsion, thick armor, and a heavy armament of large-caliber guns which were all of the same size. Why starships 300 years in the future are given class names based on early 20th century wet-navy ship types and not, say, Roman Trireme and Quinquiremes, is a question best left to professional sci-fi writers who have ingrained this trope in the collective consciousness to the point where it most likely WILL come true some day.

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