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The Wellington River running through the downtown of Dynametro leading into the Griswold Ocean.

Dynametro is the House Griswold capital city on the planet Angel One in Jennifer's Star system. It is located along the coast of Kagawa, one of the larger continents on Angel One.

Who Rules[]

Duke Griswold appointed his cousin, Baron Ashley Wellington, to be the leader of the city.  Dynametro and the surrounding suburbs are divided into six boroughs, each led by a magistrate appointed by the Baron.

Who Really Rules[]

Baron Wellington's rulership over the city is firm, and he is very slowly starting to contain many of the illegal activities taking place in the city, although whether he is serious about trying to eliminate civil crime between citizens is unknown. Some observers believe he has strong sway over his cousin Duke Griswold. He delegates much responsibility to the local magistrates and relies upon them to maintain order in their boroughs through their authoriy over the Blue Guards (The Royal Guards Of House Griswold) that police their local districts, but he frequently turns to Magistrate Miles Kane for advice.  

Recent Events and Current Issues[]

Like the rest of the system, Dynametro was nearly entirely depopulated during the Caal Invasion.  The swiftness and overwhelming totality of the Caal victory in the system ironically spared the city itself much of the devastation which usually accompanies modern warfare in urban environments.  When the populace was completely possessed by the Caal and left the planet to move on to Avalon, however, the empty city left behind was badly damaged by fires left to burn with no one to put them out.  Further damage was done when the new Imperial Army briefly raided the system in its search for any stray Caal who may have been left behind when the rest left for Avalon, and any humans who miraculously escaped the Caal were almost all wiped out by the parnoid Imperial forces. 

In the aftermath of the Imperial withdrawal, refugees from all over the former Earth Federation, fleeing the fighting in the ensuing Ascension War, often came to Jennifer's Star, and Dynametro was a popular target for looters and squatters.  Looters stole anything they could get their hands on, and squatters moved into the vacant homes and businesses left behind by the victims of the Caal.  Some order was restored amidst this free-for-all by the newborn Terran Republic, with Dynametro again becoming planetary capital.  When the Republic fell a year later, anarchy briefly returned, until the Imperial Guard restored order.  The new House Griswold also chose Dynametro for their capital, although Duke Griswold himself set up court in a mostly-intact mansion in the posh suburb of Clarkestown, which he renamed Griswalden rather than leave it named for the last Chairman of the Federation.  The city itself was given over to the control of one of the Duke's cousins, Baron Ashley Wellington, who moved into a penthouse apartment in the city's tallest reasonably-structurally-sound skyscraper. 

After the Baron came to power in the city, one of the first steps he took was the re-establishment of the legal ownership of land and property in the city.  Land and property owners who could not provide a deed to thier property (authenticated by the Magistrate office presiding over the borough where it was located) were required to purchase new deeds.  In situations where ownership was questioned as belonging to someoone living off-planet, they were provided a short time frame to settle the dispute with a local member of the House, or their land and/or title was considered forfeit under the authority of House Griswold.  Individuals and families occupying homes or buildings that could not be authenticated by the local Magistrate office and could not afford to purchase new deeds were kicked out onto the street.  Despite much protest, this system worked, not only to restore some order to property ownership, but to raise mountains of capital for the ruling House, capital that was sorely needed to repair the damaged infrastructure, both physical and bureaucratic. 

As a result of these draconian methods, law is slowly beginning to be restored.  However, there is a significant  criminal underworld, and many illegal activities take place out on the streets.  Dynametro has a significant trade and transport industry, and thus smuggling and pirating newtorks operate undercover in the city, as well as a widespread black market for weapons, narcotics, and other contrabrand.  Making matters worse, many citizens take the law into their own hands rather than relying upon the Magistrates, Blue Guard, and legal system to deal with offenses varying from theft to more heinous criminal offenses.  The extent to which these crimes are cracked down upon by authorities varies from borough to borough.  By and large, however, many of these illegal activities go uninvestigated by the Blue Guard, instead focusing on the enforcement of taxation and protection of the Duke, Baron, Magistrates, and others in positions of authority.

There are whispers of a new criminal element entering the borough under Miles Kane, although the Blue Guard is not investigating, either due to a lack of evidence to substantiate these rumors, or that they simply choose to ignore them.


Since the Jennifer's Star system began to be repopulated ten years ago and rise of House Griswold, no official house census of Dynametro has yet been taken.  However, some experts estimate that the city's population is roughly 10 million, perhaps half what it was before the Caal Invasion.

Major Products and Services[]

Taking advantage of Dynametro's close proxemity to Dynaport, many transportation business have started operations within the city.  There are also huge casting plants processing a large supply of copper, silver, gold, and other rare minerals mined from the Kagawa continent and exported to other systems in the Holy Terran Empire. There is also a significant black market in the city.

Noteworthy Features[]

The city is noted for its skyscrapers, which have very interesting architectural designs. The tallest building in the city is the Archer Tower, which is the home of the Baron.

Behind the Scenes[]

The origins of the name for this city are not known to the contributor of this article. Assistance with this entry would be appreciated.