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The EFS Schaumburg was Niteroi-class light cruiser that fought in the Third Civil War between the Grand Council Loyalists and Auntie Sarah's Tech Infantry Rebels of the Earth Federation.  It is also something of a historical curiosity.  In addition to participating in two crucial battles of that war, at one point it also had five people on board at the same time who would each go on to dramatically affect the course of the war in their own way: Earth Fleet officers Captain Erich Von Shrakenberg, Chief Engineer Lt. Cmdr. Xinjao O'Reilly, Tactical Lieutenant Herbert Gergenstein, Tech Infantry Marine Lieutenant Malachi Spyder, and Andrea Treschi, a mind mage who was somehow simultaneously a member of the Raptors, Internal Security, and the head of a massive criminal organization.

Battle Record[]

In early 2243, the Schuamburg was on patrol duty in the Rios system when the Jurvain Commonality, taking advantage of the human's civil war, invaded.  Unfortunately, the Tech Infantry Rebels attacked Rios at the same time and the rebel and loyalist fleets promptly fought each other, leaving the Schaumburg to fight the Jurvain invasion force alone. 

Captain Von Shrakenberg sent a commandeered civilian freighter on a collision course with the jumpgate through which the main fleet of Jurvain invasion force was then passing, destroying transports carrying about a quarter million Jurvain ground troops.  With their ground force gone, the Jurvain battle fleet was forced to withdraw, but not before attempting to destroy the Schaumburg in revenge.  The Schaumburg led the Jurvain fleet on a merry chase around the system's star, incinerating three Jurvain warships in the process, before finally detonating the fuel tanks on a derelict warship in a massive blast that destroyed three more Jurvain warships and damaged the rest.  Badly damaged itself, the Schaumburg limped back to the Earth Federation's capital system Avalon spent the next few months of the war undergoing repairs.

Barely out of dry dock, command of the Schaumburg transferred to former Chief Engineer O'Reilly, who had recently been promoted to Captain after escaping from the Christian Federation-occupied Phoenix system. Obsessed with crushing the Christian Federation, O'Reilly formed Task Force David (comprised mostly of antique museum ships from New Israel) with the Schuamburg as its flagship.  Despite an initial disastrous battle at Alpha Centauri, the task force went on to retake the Tarkin system and conduct a hit-and-run raid behind enemy lines before finally recapturing the Pheonix system toward the end of the war.

The fate of the EFS Schaumburg after the Third Civil War is unknown, or at least has not yet been established in TI story cannon.  It may still be around, but most likely perished in the destructive Vin Shriak War.

Behind the Scenes[]

The reason so many movers and shakers of the TI Universe were on board the Schaumburg at the same time was because Season 4.3 began with most of the starting player characters in the Rios system, although within two episodes they had all dispersed geographically to pursure their own individual plotlines.