The Earth Federation was the united government of humanity since the dawn of the Space Age. After Gehenna, the Earth Federation was formed by the victorious Technocracy and their foot soldiers, the veterans of the Tech Infantry. They overthrew the United Nations and created the Federation in 2005. It was in turn finally overthrown itself by the Holy Terran Empire in the Ascension War in 2265.


Early HistoryEdit

The Federation was originally envisioned as a way to shape humanity's future in the face of a new and terrifying threat from Outer Space. To counter this, the founders decided to allow only veterans the right to vote, as they would be the first ones on the firing line against the Bug threat. Only the strongest would survive contact with such a fiercesome enemy, so the supernatural creatures that continued to emerge after Gehenna were the perfect choice to fight the Bugs. They were drafted into the Tech Infantry whenever they emerged, with the chance to vote after their five-year term of service was up.

1st Wave of ColonizationEdit

With the invention of the ion drive by David Farrell in 2005, the ability to colonize space began to be feasible. When the Bug War was declared to be over in 2040, the Federation made a massive colonization effort. Humanity soon expanded to many worlds, including Alpha Centauri, Minos, Wilke's Star, New Paris, Avalon, and Jennifer's Star. The wave stops with the beginning of the Drakat War.

1st TriumvirateEdit

With the end of the Drakat War in 2165, the power of a faction within the Technocracy managed to seize power. Using the expanded powers of the Tech Infantry, a trio of powerful people emerged as the leaders on the Grand Council, and ruled for the next three decades. These were Pyramus Grey (who became Grand Council Chairman), Isis (an artificial intelligence created by a Mage Oracle), and Corric (an Abomination). With new alien races being contacted as the Federation's borders expanded, they proceeded to make deals with the Black Hand and Katarn to check them, as well as start secret programs to give Earth an edge, such as Project Exo-Genesis and Project Vitek.

1st Civil WarEdit

In 2197, the Bug War heated up again, this time outside the control of the Horadrim. and Arachnid attacks were devastating the Fed's defenses. Earth was made uninhabitable when a huge asteroid impacted in 2198, two weeks after the Eastern Bloc left the planet. A group of Tech Infantry troopers (86th Platoon) learned the truth behind the 1st Triumvirate's secret programs, because of the discovery of the EFS Nightmare, the test ship for Project Exo-Genesis. With the support of the Horadrim, they were able to confront the Grand Council and overthrow the 1st Triumvirate in 2199. Although the number of people involved was tiny compared to other wars, it had a devastating effect, and changed the course of the Federation.

2nd Wave of ColonizationEdit

Although the Bug War continued to be fought actively until 2208, this was a period of great expansion for the Earth Federation. The Horadrim signed the Coral Sea Treaty in 2202, allowing the Federation to only colonize one Horadrim world every ten years. When the Bugs destroyed the Katarn and Drakat, the Federation settled those worlds once the Bugs were pushed back. The Treaty of Midgar established the borders between the K'Nes Tor, Jurvain Commonality, and the Earth Federation.

2nd TriumvirateEdit

By 2222, the Earth Federation was the dominant force in the galaxy. Many of the people who brought about this golden age of prosperity were the winners in the 1st Civil War. Maeve Harrington was now leader of the largest corporation in the Federation. After she married Lwan Eddington (Marshal of the Tech Infantry), there were fears that she would rule the Federation as a kingmaker. To block this, Richard Fox (head of Internal Security), Arthur Clarke (head of the Tech Infantry Special Service), and Samuel Wall (President of the Senate) formed the 2nd Triumvirate and blocked Harrington from Federation politics.

2nd Civil WarEdit

In 2223, with the death of Fialla Spencer, who was a mediator between the Harrington and Triumvirate factions, the 2nd Triumvirate moved to finally eliminate Harrington's power. With the Bugs eliminated from all known systems (save Fieras), the Grand Council ended its military contracts with the Ferret Works, a Harrington company. With their cash flow weakened, the Triumvirate promoted a scandal with Lwan Eddington, who was imprisoned on G2 for having an affair with Brigette Campbell, another officer. With her monetary and military connections severed, the Triumvirate moved to break up Harrington Industries under anti-trust legislation (recently passed in the Senate). Seeing the endgame of the Triumvirate, Maeve felt she had no choice but to stop them by any means necessary. She threw her corporation's support to the Liberation and open war was declared.

The 2nd Triumvirate is toppled through the Liberation's efforts. Colonel Richard Fox is supposedly killed by Liberation bomb; rumors abound of his escape. Senator Samuel Wall mysteriously disappears soon after. Colonel Arthur Clarke, unable to maintain control of the Federation without his partners, allows the Tech Infantry leadership to assume control of Earth Federation.

They proceed to eliminate all opposition. In 2225, since the Liberation is decentralized, the government launched an assault on the Sabbat at Wilke's Star. Brigadier-General Sarah Dunmeyer turned a potential tragedy into a costly victory. The next year, under Major-General Hadrian Gartvo's campaign, the Liberation began to lose ground to TI assaults. As the Federation was concentrating on the core systems, the border worlds declared their independence and form the Frontier Worlds Territory.

Maeve Harrington, desperate to save her company and family, betrayed the Liberation. She was assassinated soon after. The Liberation is destroyed at the cost of leaving the Federation in shambles. Desperate to stabilize their borders, the Fed recognizes the FWT as a legitimate state. By 2228, the Tech Infantry hierarchy relinquishes control of Federation to a new civilian government.


After the devastation of the 2nd Civil War, former Harrington “daughter corporations” were given huge tax breaks and benefits as they rebuilt the wrecked infrastructure. Meanwhile, the former might of the Fed had been challenged. Eastern Bloc, FWT, and the Jurvain seized former Bug worlds. The new resistance movement on a rebuilding Earth blocked any attempts to re-colonize Earth, instead claiming it for themselves. In 2235, the Treaty of Jennifer’s Star established the borders between the Fed, Eastern Bloc, and the FWT.

A year later, the Federation decided to eliminate any internal division. A second assault on Wilke’s Star by General Clarke successfully removed all vampiric control. However, Mordred manages to survive. However, in 2239, the Bugs reappeared from nowhere and seize several systems, sending the Eastern Bloc, FWT, and Jurvain reeling. The first contact with the Vin Shriak was hostile, and after R45 is destroyed, the Federation prepared for war. However, nothing more was heard of the Vin Shriak for quite some time.

By 2240, Federation economic indicators reported an amazing recovery. The next year, Stephanie Harrington, leader of the daughter corporations’ political arm, was severely wounded in an assassination attempt, and was left in a coma. This led to a power struggle within the daughter corporations. The Technocracy, through their bureaucratic arm of Internal Security, reasserted control after general elections.

3rd Civil WarEdit

With the destruction of the political balance that was held during Reconstruction, the Tech Infantry feared a return to the days of Technocracy rule. In order to prevent this, Marshal Sarah Dunmeyer attempted a coup d'etat in late 2242 and failed. Half of the military joined with her to form the Tech Infantry Rebels faction. The Resistance and Christian Federation factions emerged to take advantage of the chaos and neighboring empires invaded to take Fed systems.

As the TI faction struggled for supremacy, Sarah Dunmeyer was assassinated and replaced in a coup by General Joel Fabin. The new leaders immediately pushed to crush the Federation in the Battle of Avalon and failed. The TI faction never recovered and was finally finished off by a combined assault of Federation, K'Nes, Jurvain, and Eastern Bloc forces. The Resistance and Christian Federation upstarts were also summarily destroyed. Arthur Clarke was named the new Chairman of the Earth Federation after the Grand Council was assassinated and he imposed a draconian order called the Five Acts. The war ended in 2244 with the Treaty of Wilke's Star and Clarke demanded status quo ante bellum. The other powers initially refused, but were too weak to continue the fight. Finally, all sides agreed at fixing the borders along ceasefire lines.

The Vin Shriak & Vulthra WarsEdit

In 2251, the Vin Shriak returned in huge numbers. Their technology was more advanced and several worlds were seized. Their race believed they were on a holy crusade and took no prisoners, exterminating the entire populations of captured worlds. As a result, the Eastern Bloc was wiped out in the second Vin Shriak invasion. Over the next two years, the Federation was able to turn the tide, and managed to regain all but one system at the cost of half the Earth Fleet. In the middle of this war, the Federation made first contact with the Vulthra, only to start the Vulthra War. It ended three months later, once the Vulthra realized that the Caal did not control humanity.

By 2255, the Vin Shriak Holy War ended at the beginning of the new year. The 4th Fleet launched an assault against the Vin Shriak homeworlds, using a new super weapon that caused their stars to go supernova. Admiral Nirav Patel, commander of the victorious Fourth Fleet, was hailed as the savior of humanity by the people, and this popularity and hero-worship was seen as a political threat by Clarke and others on the Grand Council. Patel was briefly brought up on charges of insubordination and unauthorized genocide, but his popularity forced his opponents to back down, and he was allowed to retire instead of facing a court-martial. He would later be politically rehabilitated and return to service as the Grand Fleet Admiral in charge of all of Earth Fleet.

Meanwhile, the Federation seized vampire-controlled space when a second nova device destroyed the Enoch system. Two years later, the 2nd Vulthra War began and ended just as quickly as the first, when the stronger Earth Fleet beat back a combined Vulthra and K'Nes Tor assault. All of K'Nes space was occupied and annexed by the Federation during that conflict.

The Caal InvasionEdit

By 2264, the Earth Federation had managed to conquer all of known space, save for the remaining Bug sector. The Jurvain Commonality had been annexed into the Federation, much to the disdain of its inhabitants, and Arthur Clarke reigned supreme and unquestioned. Unfortuntately, twenty years of fighting and strict government control took its toll on the Federation. When the Caal invade the Federation by seizing the Ares Battle Group, they brought it to its knees. The Horadrim come to the aid of the humans through the intervention of Vin Dane and get dragged into the war. After an abortive stand at Jennifer's Star, Arthur Clarke is killed by Vin Dane, who takes command of the remaining Federation forces. The Caal are finally defeated in the Battle of Avalon, but only at the cost of the near extinction of the remaining Horadrim race and the Earth Fleet. Upon victory, the Federation was disbanded, and the Holy Terran Empire was formed -- Vin Dane being elevated to Emperor.

Final End Of The FederationEdit

Not everyone accepted the dissolution of the Federation, however. Surviving Earth Fleet forces and Federation loyalists coalesced around Admiral Joseph Smythe and his Poseidon Battle Group, and they established a new temporary capital at New Madrid. They made alliance with the Ministry of Public Safety, who had emerged in the chaos on various worlds along the Eastern Rim, and together they fought back against the Holy Terran Empire and the cultists who had begun to worship Vin Dane as a God, launching a two-pronged offensive. The northern prong successfully seized the Minos system, but stalled out after that. The southern prong retook Kalintos and pushed on to invade St. Michael's Star, but the bloody pyrrhic victory there left them without the ground forces to continue a conventional war. Smythe made a desperate alliance with the Sabbat and gambled everything on a covert strike at Avalon to assassinate Vin Dane himself and end the war with one swift stroke. When that failed, Smythe was assassinated by his own spymasters and by the end of 2265, the Federation was finally absorbed into the Holy Terran Empire.


When the Federation was established in 2005, the member nations that supported the Tech Infantry revolt against the United Nations posted their ambassadors to sit on the new Governing Council of seven members, until the end of Gehenna in 2008. However, with the shift to focusing on the Bug War, veterans of the TI demanded the right to representation. A new charter was written to establish an Electoral Assembly, which met once every five years to elect an expanded Grand Council of twelve and make amendments to the Federation Charter.

This system existed until 2200, due to the extensive amendments voted in the Electoral Assembly, the Grand Council became virtually elected for life. This allowed the rise of the 1st Triumvirate. With the end of the 1st Civil War, the Charter was repealed in favor of a new Constitution, replacing the Assembly with a new 100 member Senate which elected the 12 member Grand Council. The Senate was a permanent legislative body, and although the Grand Council still had vast powers, because it acted as the executive with control of the bureaucracy.

The position of Grand Council Chairman became increasingly important, as they set the agenda and direction of the Federation. In 2243, the rise of Arthur Clarke eliminated the Senate and weakened the Grand Council, turning it into a dictatorship. The Grand Council members were moved and removed at the Chairman's whim until the end of the Federation in 2265.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Earth Federation is heavily inspired, of course, by both the United Citizen Federation from Starship Troopers and the United Federation of Planets from Star Trek.

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