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Earth Fleet is the name for the Earth Federation's space vessel military branch.  At various points in its history, hundreds of different types of ships were utilized.  More detailed Information about the Earth Fleet at the height of its power (right before the Third Civil War) is archived at this website and mirrored here.

The Earth Fleet was officially disbanded after the Federation was defeated in the Ascension War.  Most of the surviving Earth Fleet warships were absorbed into the Imperial Navy (with the oldest sent to the Fifth Fleet), but a handful have found their way into the hands of pirates, rebels, or the clandestine service of noble Houses willing to defy the Empire's prohibition against Household starfleets.

Behind the Scenes[]

Earth Fleet is a reference to Babylon 5, but since the name of the game is "Tech Infantry," Nathan Bax never really elaborated about the ships, beyond a few ship designs at Penny Horwitz's urging in Season 3 (although the Star Control Ships were designed as a poignant "I can make it bigger" spar with Penny). Martin Hohner is the real creator and the impetus behind making Earth Fleet far more important. After all, his character (Erich Von Shrakenberg) depended on it.  So the website linked above was created for Season 4.3.