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No, that's not Jabba the Hutt.

Edmund Filks, better known in the virtual world as "BeBop6", was a freelance computer hacker who did contract work for InSec in the early 2240's. He was hired by Insal Turks to wipe the computers of Priscilla Savant and Alex Grey after their kidnapping and/or murder, as part of an elaborate gambit to trap Miro Creed. Turks knew a Weefle Runner like Filks would do a sloppy job and leave enough clues behind for a tech-savvy Horadrim like Creed to track down and find, allowing Turks to lie and wait and catch Creed when he showed up at FIlks' real-world location to kick the snot out of him. Which is what happened: Creed found Filks in an apartment on Babylon, and beat him nearly to death, and this allowed Turks to track Creed down and nearly catch him. Filks was last seen lying in a pool of his own blood and fecal matter with a broken jaw, pelvis, and several other bones.

Behind the Scenes[]

Nathan Bax, Miro Creed's player, was himself an accomplished computer programmer, and FIlks is a compendium of every negative stereotype of computer geeks. His Actor Avatar is Ramsey Moore, who played a similar stereotype of a fat, basement-dwelling computer hacker in the abysmal film Gamer.