Nope, nothing homoerotic about the Embrace. Nothing at all.

The Embrace is the process by which a mortal human is turned into a vampire (called a childe) by another vampire (known as the sire). 

The vampire drains the subject completely of blood, thenat the point of mortal deathgives the mortal some of their own blood (vitae).  The mortal then dies and becomes an new vampire (also called a neonate) with a soul forever cursed and scarred by the Wyrm.  The Childe is one generation higher than their Sire and blood bonded to them.

The first reaction most childer have after an embrace is raw hunger.  With no experience in dealing with or controlling the fully raging demonic predator inside them, the Childe will most likely enter a hunger frenzy at the first sight of blood.  For most vampires, this means that the Embrace is followed immediately by a moment of degradation.  After the Embrace, the fledgling may take several days before the full impact of the curse is apparent. 

The Embrace is performed at considerable psychological cost to the Sire, leaving them mentally drained.  Too many Embraces over a short period can leave a Sire too feeble minded to function properly.

Embracing a human is a significant undertaking, and can only be done with the knowledge and approval of the local Camarilla Prince or Sabbat Bishop.  Unauthorized embraces carry stiff penalties, which almost always include the destroying the Childe.  Furthermore, until the Childe is released from their Sire's blood bond and accepted as a full, independent member of their Vampire Clan, the Sire is held responsible for their Childe's actions (including their mistakes).

A Childe who kills their own Sire, especially if they diablerize them, becomes a pariah in the vampire community, and will most likely have a blood hunt issued agaisnt them.

Embracing Non-MortalsEdit

  • Animals can become ghouls (like Hellhounds), but cannot be embraced.

    No bestiality here, either.

  • Mages cannot be embraced.  Either the embrace fails and the mage dies, or (less often) the mage becomes a vampire, but lose their awakened magickal abilities.
  • Horadrim, an inherently non-magickal species, cannot be embraced.
  • K'Nes cannot be embraced, as vampiric blood is poisonous to thier biology
  • Other Aliens: It has not yet been established if other aliens (Jurvain and Vulthra) can be embraced or not, but it's doubtful an alien embrace would succeed.
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