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The Enterprise class were the largest pure fighter carriers in use during the Third Civil War. They are designed to carry 18 squadrons of starfighters (216 fighters total), more than any other Earth Fleet vessel except for Star Control Ships. These Battle Carriers were equipped with a second-generation gravity drive, (which can generate jump points and gravity shields, but not propulsion), an auxilliary ion drive, long range Lance Torpedoes to give fire support to her fighters and the fleet, and a mix of heavy Chemlasers and Grav Lasers for short-range combat.

Known ShipsEdit

EFS Enterprise CVB-6
EFS Yorktown CVB-7
EFS Lexington CVB-8
EFS Forrestal CVB-9
EFS Saratoga CVB-10
EFS Intrepid CVB-11
EFS Hornet CVB-12
EFS Wasp CVB-13
EFS Essex CVB-14
EFS Ticonderoga CVB-15 (Captured by TI Rebels early during Third Civil War).
EFS Ranger CVB-16
EFS Langley CVB-17
EFS Constellation CVB-18
EFS Kitty Hawk CVB-19
EFS Franklin CVB-20
EFS Independence CVB-21
EFS Nimitz CVB-22
EFS Roosevelt CVB-23

Behind the ScenesEdit

This ship was designed by Martin Hohner, who was inspired by the G'Quan class Narn Heavy Cruiser from Babylon 5. They are named for American aircraft carriers of the 20th century.

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