Fearless Jackals

The Fearless Jackals is a major underground crime syndicate specializing in smuggling illegal goods, supplies, and weapons along with other black market operations. They have many fronts, but the most significant is Proxima/Durendal Export Company, a subsidiary of Olin Industries.

Organizational HistoryEdit

The Fearless Jackals was started by Leonardo the Jackal during the days of the 3rd Civil War specializing in illegal smuggling. Andrea Treschi, after an initial brief career the Tech Infantry and the Raptors, joined the organization. He purchased a Pelican-class freighter named The Fearless and recruited several werecreatures, including a were-rhino. One of the Fearless Jackals first jobs was to transport arms and medical supplies to Frontier Worlds Territory in spite of an unofficial but enforced InSec embargo for Arthur Clarke.

During the war, Treschi organized a coup. He traveled to Wilke's Star, killed Leonardo, and took over the organization for himself.

After the death of Treschi's mother (whom he murdered), he inherited a substantial amount of stock in the Olin Corporation. Later, the Jackals expanded their activities to include complicated money laundering schemes, but desired a larger, more formal front for their activities, along with a more significant supplier of weapons to smuggle through the black market. At this time, Olin Industries was on the verge of becoming a megacorp and was already a major conglomerate.

Fortunately for Treschi and the Jackals, Olin Industries could help to solve both issues. Treschi used his shareholder leverage and magickal abilities to influence the board of directors to restructure the operations of the Proxima/Durendal Export Company and Winchester Repeating Arms, both of which were subsidiaries of Olin Industries. The Proxima/Durendal Export Company provided a front for the Jackals' smuggling operations, and Winchester Arms provided weaponry to be sold (in addition to weapon transactions that were already taking place in black markets and that needed transport).

Decades later, the Fearless Jackals continued to grow, and the revenue streams from smuggling, money laundering, and other illegal activities became complicated.  At this time, Treschi turned towards the legal expertise of Douglas Munro, who had been groomed for this role as the primary attorney for the Jackals. Through the legal expertise of Munro and a major law firm on New Paris, the true size of the Jackals' operations were not revealed to auditors of Olin Industries for decades. While the Federation, and then the Holy Terran Empire, both recognized the existence of the Fearless Jackals, neither realized the full scope of the organization, largely due to the efforts of Munro and his fellow attorneys.

Organizational Changes following the Rise Of the Holy Terran EmpireEdit

The rise of the Holy Terran Empire has both benefited the Jackals and caused a significant setback. On the one hand, the disabling of the jumpgate network and the rise in pirate activity has disrupted interstellar transportation and thus increased demand for Fearless Jackals' smuggling services. Additionally, the rise in private Noble House militias and planetary militaries has also increased the demand for arms and other supplies produced by weapon manufacturers like Winchester Arms. As a result, profits for the Jackals are soaring.

On the other hand, the rise of Holy Terran Empire also caused the Fearless Jackals to make structural changes which they had no desire to do. Previously, the Jackals had no a centralized Federation-wide central base of operations.  They preferred small, nondescript regional headquarters spread throughout the galaxy that oversaw the local planetary offices, warehouses, and other fronts, with most of the legal expertise being provided out of New Paris by Douglas Munro and his law firm. The overall direction and goals of the organization were guided by Treschi, as he could (through the use of magic and other means) keep the overall organization concentrated on long-run strategies that would result in greater profits, increased pay for its members, and revenue needed to fund special research projects and other interests.

Current ActivitiesEdit

More recently Treschi and several of his high-ranking followers have left the Fearless Jackals to pursue covert projects, possibly geared towards removing Emperor Vin Dane from power. In his place, Treschi has left the overall operation of the Fearless Jackals in the capable hands of Munro, whose objective is to continue to grow the business while skimming off the profits (which are considerable) and sending the remainder to Treschi for his research.

Munro, lacking Treschi's magickal abilities that allowed him to coordinate the Jackals' activities across multiple star systems, has chosen instead to create a central headquarters. His first choice would have been Babylon, since that was at the heart of the former Terran Republic. However, the main city on that planet has yet to recover from a major nuclear explosion a decade ago.

As a result, Munro decided to turn to Jennifer's Star, now under the rule of House Griswold. House Griswold is currently run by a triumvirate. It is rumored that one of Munro's agents has recruited a member of that triumvirate into the Fearless Jackals for a considerable amount of cash and an exchange of favors.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Fearless Jackals was created by palyer/writer Chris as group to support Andrea Treschi, who was meant to become the Jackal during season 4.3, but the character became much more political.

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