Yeah... we have absolutely no idea how Fedball is played.

Fedball is the most popular sport in human and K'Nes space. It's (probably) basically a form of soccer with the rules modified to accommodate the abilities of mage and werecreature players.

This running joke started in Season 9 as an amusing way for Storyteller Marcus Johnston to award experience points to the players during the end-of-episode audio newsletter podcasts. He did it in the form of "Sports News," listing the "scores" (experience points) for each "team" (player):

Ashdown Werecats (Bishop)
Hadrian Vampires (Izzy)
Jennifer's Star Scyrs (Scyr)
New Tokyo Managers (Taka)
Purrfang Cats (Heth)
Rios Cyborgs (Argus)

Additonal Teams created in-story:
Avalon Aristocrats

Player Ed Stasheff took it one step farther and actually mentioned these joke teams in the story, implying that the teams actually existed in the TI Universe. He gave the sport the appropriately hyper-patriotic name of "Fedball." He also joked that the K'Nes are miffed that the Fedball rules have not yet been changed to allow K'Nes athletes to fly on the field.

After the Holy Terran Empire's victory in the Ascension War, the sport's name was changed to "Impball".

Fedball is only slightly influenced by such other wonderfully ill-defined sci-fi sports as Pyramid, Triad, and Frungy.

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