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Fialla Spencer (center, blonde), post-1st Civil War photo.

Fialla Spencer was a mage who served in the Tech Infantry and was a member of the legendary 86th Platoon. After her service in bringing down the 1st Triumvirate, she continued in the Federation military, eventually rising to the rank of Colonel.

In her later career, she was shifted to Special Projects, which being located on Avalon allowed her greater access to political figures. Being known to both Maeve Harrington and what became known as the 2nd Triumvirate, she was the natural person to mediate between the two camps. However, when she went off world with the EFS Madrid in 2222, the ship was supposedly invaded by the Caal and she perished along with her crew.

In actuality, she was involved with the children of the 86th Platoon when they encountered the Orb, and her experience with the object altered her, and took her out of the timeline. She later reemerged in 3045, allying herself with Felix Straden, the last Horadrim alive (apart from the Emperor), and creating a resistance called the Tech Infantry.

Behind the Scenes[]

Fialla was Jennifer Bax's character, and when her husband left the game, so did she. Spencer reappeared in the Ring of Fire episodes (run by Nathan Bax), which is where the EFS Madrid reference comes from, and although she is listed in the timeline, she never actually appears in Seasons 5 through 7. She does appear in Season Nine, still unstuck in time from the EFS Madrid incident. Her Actor Avatar is a shot of the late Muammar Khadaffi's elite squad of all-virgin bodyguards.