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Even the K'Nes talent for heartless hypercapitalism can't make Bankers any more annoying than they already are

The First Varless Bank of Purrfang is a banking Megacorp run by Clan Varless of the K'Nes Llan, with headquarters on Purrfang. One of the oldest banks in K'Nes space, and therefore in the known galaxy, it has been operating in one form or another since approximately 1400 AD in human years.

Today, the bank offers all the services a full-featured financial powerhouse can legally offer, and probably a few more if you know who to ask among their many helpful staff. Deposit accounts, loans, credit chits, import-export finance, investment advice, stock and mortgage brokerage, real estate transactions, tax advice, travel agency, interstellar shipping, insurance, and even wagering on sports can all be handled by one of their many divisions and departments. Their safe deposit boxes are considered the safest and most difficult to break into of any such facilities outside of the famous Fuji Depository itself on New Tokyo.

Behind the Scenes[]

This bank was first introduced to the players as part of a joke advertisement in the Episode Three News Broadcast during Season Nine. Available for download here.