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The Foch class is a smaller, faster carrier designed to operate independently of the fleet.  She carries only thirteen squadrons of starfighters (156 fighters total, primarily Warhawks and Crusaders), but is equipped with an armament superior to any heavy cruiser, including ten heavy chemlasers and a massive 2½-meter Grav Laser.  She is equipped with a first-generation gravity drive, which can generate jump points for hyperspace travel independent of jump gates but not grav shields or propulsion, and it has a very powerful ion drive system for high-accelleration maneuvering in normal space.

Known ShipsEdit

  • EFS Foch CVL-19
  • EFS Clemenceau CVL-20
  • EFS Jean Bart CVL-21
  • EFS Jeanne D'Arc CVL-22
  • EFS Vittorio Veneto CVL-23
  • EFS Giuseppe Garibaldi CVL-24
  • EFS Minas Gerais CVL-25
  • EFS Colossus CVL-26
  • EFS Cochin CVL-27
  • EFS Varyag CVL-28 (Destroyed at the Battle of Rios by Erich Von Shrakenberg)
  • EFS Leningrad CVL-29
  • EFS Osumi CVL-30
  • EFS Dedalo CVL-31
  • EFS Principe de Asturias CVL-32
  • EFS Chakri Naruebet CVL-33
  • EFS Hermes CVL-34

Behind the ScenesEdit

This class was designed by Martin Hohner. They are named for non-American aircraft carriers from the post-WW2 period to the end of the 20th century.

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