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Why the followers of set picked Anubis and not Sutekh as their logo is a mystery

The Followers of Set, or Settites, are a clan of Vampires who are one of the outer clans of the Camarilla.


The Followers of Set originally believed that they were not descended from Caine, but from the Egyptian Deity, Set, also known as Sutekh, dark god of serpents. But Set/Sutekh was actually Seth, a priest from the City of Enoch who had fled to Egypt after the flood to set himself up as a God. Ruling Egypt and its Pharoahs and people from within their temple-palaces, the Followers of Set prospered for miillennia, until overthrown and conquered by the Roman Empire and its Ventrue puppet masters. This betrayal forced the clan's leaders to ally with the Assamites to engineer the liberation of Egypt by Arab forces, but the Settites were again betrayed when the Assamites joined the Camarilla to ally with the hated Ventrue. The Settites survived for centuries as an independent clan which was friendly towards but not part of the Sabbat, prevented from a full alliance with the Sabbat due to the Sabbat's hatred of Antediluvians and the Settites' worshipful veneration of their own. This veneration almost became their undoing when Seth rose from his Torpor deep beneath the Pyramids of Giza during Gehenna. Eager Settites flocked to Egypt from all over the world to worship their God-founder, but Seth compelled them to commit mass suicide under the scorching Egyptian sun to join him in Duat, the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife part of the dark underbelly of the Lower Umbra. Only a tiny handful of Settites survived this mass suicide, and under threat from the newborn Tech Infantry, they swallowed their pride to flee to the protection of the Camarilla. Having seen the evil of their Antediluvian up close, many of their members later defected to the Sabbat during the War of Blood, but the clan's official leadership remains part of the Camarilla.

Clan Traits[]

As befits the followers of the Snake God, the Followers of Set have an affinity for serpents. Many of them can shapeshift into the form of a giant snake, and most can flick out a fanged extension of their tongue as a weapon in close combat. They are even more vulnerable to sunlight than most clans, and can be badly burned by even mildly bright artificial lighting.

Notable Settites[]

Imhotep, architect of the first pyramid, was of course a high-ranking Settite priest. The Renaissance occultist Cagliostro was also a Settite acolyte.