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Call her Mary Sue, and she'll turn you into pink mist

Corporal Frances Xavier is a Prime Mage who served as soldier in the Tech Infantry during the Ascension War.

Early Life[]

Francesca Maria Susanna Xavier was born in 2239 on San Angeles, the daugher of a pair of Third Vatican Catholic missionaries. Her parents were members of a religious sect that believed all awakened humans, Mage and Werecreature alike were agents of the devil, no better than Vampires or Spectres. As such, they did not get along at all well with an Earth Federation government that employed millions of such creatures as soldiers. Still, so long as they did not cause much trouble, they were tolerated to a point. The Xaviers helped run a mission church in a poor rural area of San Angeles colony, where they preached to poor colonists living hard lives trying to turn barely-terraformed wilderness into productive farmland, and helped organize charitable works to make their hard lives easier.

Third Civil War[]

When Frances was still a small child, the Christian Federation took over and made San Angeles their capital, as they sought to secede from the Earth Federation in the chaos of the Third Civil War. Given that the Reorganized Orthodox Baptist Church taught that the powers of mages and werecreatures were gifts from God Himself, their outspoken preaching about the demonic nature of those powers did not make for happy relations between the Xaviers and their new overlords. Frances was given to a properly faithful family to be brought up in the new faith, while her parents were thrown into a "re-education camp" to be worked to death unless they agreed to convert. When an Earth Fleet task force appeared in the skies of San Angeles a year later to crush Andrew Tremont's rebellion, some poor intelligence work led to the re-education camp being mistaken for a military training center, and it was bombarded from orbit, killing everyone inside, including the Xaviers. The adoptive parents of young Frances were also killed in the fighting, and she was sent with thousands of other war orphans to orphanages elsewhere in the Federation.

Awakening and Recruitment[]

While 12 years old and living in an orphanage on Jennifer's Star, Frances again lived through an orbital bombardment, as the Vin Shriak pounded the planet from orbit, before being turned away by Earth Fleet in a massive space battle that cost the Federation three of its Star Control Ships. It was during this bombardment that she awakened as a Mage. Absolutely terrified, cowering in a bomb shelter with her fellow orphans, she wished and prayed for protection from the alien attackers, and began envisioning an impervious dome of protection, shielding the orphanage from harm. When the all-clear was sounded and they emerged from their basement shelter, they found a massive black dome of fullerene mesh, four hundred meters wide, a hundred meters tall, and three meters thick, centered on the orphanage. Rescue crews needed to tunnel under the edge of the dome to reach those trapped inside, as the dome was not provided with windows, doors, or air vents of any kind, Frances' subconscious having neglected to include those features when creating it out of nothing. When they emerged from the dome at last, two days later, the orphans and their caregivers found that a Vin Shriak mass driver projectile had impacted squarely on the center of the dome but failed to penetrate, and the dome had saved them all...although of course several thousand people outside the dome died from the multi-megaton blast of kinetic energy released as an irresistable force met a truly immovable object. The dome is still there, being too huge and heavy to be practically moved or dismantled, and has since been converted into a gigantic bomb shelter for tens of thousands of people. Now classified as an awakened mage, Frances entered the Tech Infantry four years later at age 16.

Military Service[]

Frances Xavier joined the Tech Infantry too late to take part in the Vin Shriak Holy War, but immediately out of Basic Training she was sent to help with the initial occupation of the Seth system after the conquest of the Kingdom of Enoch. After seeing first hand what Vampires had gotten up to when they had control, she developed a lasting utter hatred for Vampires of all sorts. She soon volunteered for duty on a Crusader Team, and spent much of her subsequent career hunting vampires on Wilke's Star, on former Kingdom of Enoch worlds, and throughout the Federation. Because of this, she did not get sent to front line combat in the Vulthra War. However, the Caal Invasion saw her recalled to front-line duty once more. Although she did not make it to Avalon in time for the battle that ended the war, her unit commander declared his loyalty to the new Holy Terran Empire, and was sent immediately afterwards to Jennifer's Star to hunt down any possible Caal who might have stayed behind there when their invasion fleet moved on to New Paris and Avalon. After seeing the handful of human survivors who had succeeded in staying hidden during the Caal assault on their planet get butchered by trigger-happy fanatics of the Cult of the Emperor, she decided she could not in good conscience remain in the Imperial Army. Instead, she stole a shuttlecraft and fled through the Jump Gate to the Wilke's Star Free State. There she met up with several fellow former Crusader Team veterans who were out of a job due to the new government's low priority for vampire hunting and they decided to defect back to the rump Federation of Joseph Smythe. They managed to contact an Earth Fleet patrol frigate scouting the outer system of Wilke's Star and get picked up and taken to New Madrid, where they were assigned to join a new unit being formed for the liberation of Kalintos, Soti's Slammers.

With the Slammers[]

Within Soti's Slammers, Frances was assigned to Fifth Squad, under the command of Lt. Nathan Lopez. They took part in the capture of the INS Alastar Dimiye and the Liberation of Kalintos. Afterwards, they were sent to attempt the liberation of St. Michael's Star, but they were stranded on the surface of the planet when their escorting Earth Fleet task force was chased away by a superior force of the Imperial Fleet. Surviving several weeks of fighting while trapped on a hostile planet, she and the rest of her unit were eventually rescued by the arrival of Joseph Smythe himself in his flagship the EFS Poseidon. After a brief expedition to Chalfont to take part in the capture of a Bug Queen, Frances was invited to join a covert strike team being sent to Avalon to assassinate Emperor Vin Dane himself and end the war. Uneasy about the fact that the strike team in question was partly made up of members of the Sabbat, which had recently allied with the Federation against the Empire, she agreed to join the mission mainly to keep an eye on the untrustworthy vampires and ghouls involved. When the time came for the final assault on Vin Dane's underground bunker beneath The Round Table, Frances was instead at a nearby safe house, organizing and watching over a large group of Sabbat-allied mages in an effort to strenghten reality against the power of The Orb. This effort was only partly successful, but it did weaken The Orb's powers enough that Vin Dane was defeated...but when the Emperor seemingly rose from the dead more powerful than ever, Frances and the surviving members of the strike team were forced to flee for their lives.

Behind the Scenes[]

Frances Xavier is named in part for Raven Xavier, a character in a Harry Potter Fanfic written by one of the Season Nine writers and her friends several years earlier. Her vampire-hunting background is in homage to Deanna Sande, another character from the same Harry Potter fanfic. Her middle two names are a reference to the concept of a Mary Sue, an overpowered character who is an over-idealized version of the author, often seen in fanfic stories and other amateur fiction. Her purple hair is a reference to odd-colored hair and eyes being one of the most frequent traits of Mary Sue characters in Harry Potter fanfiction. Both Raven Xavier and several characters created by the player who created Frances Xavier have been criticised (perhaps unjustly) as being blatant Mary Sues (or of being a Gary Stu, the male equivalent). Her Actor Avatar is Moon Bloodgood, thanks to a fortuitious find that someone online had photoshopped her with purple hair for another unrelated dream cast list.