Long-suffering yet short-tempered

Major Fred Houseman is a staff officer in the Imperial Army who currently serves as the chief of staff to Lord General Nicolai Malakov on Kalintos.

Military CareerEdit

Frederick Carl Houseman was born on Proxima Centauri in 2212 as the son of a miner and a hydroponics technician. He awakened as a Life Mage at puberty and was drafted into the Tech Infantry at age 16. After showing signs of extreme intelligence on his entry examinations, he was sent to Officer Candidate School after only two years of service and trained as a field medic and maintenance technician. He spent 20 years on the front lines, performing emergency repairs on both soldiers and their power armor, weapons, and vehicles, before transferring to staff work as a route to promotion beyond the rank of captain. For the last decade, he has been serving as a junior staff officer to various generals around the galaxy, seeing service on several fronts against multiple enemies.

Caal InvasionEdit

During the Caal Invasion, he was serving as the supply officer on the staff of a general leading Tech Infantry forces enforcing the Jurvain Quarantine Zone. When their forces were recalled to face the Caal threat, they got as far as Chalfont when the Battle of Avalon ended the war, and the Federation as well. When his commanding officer fled to join the Ministry of Public Safety, Houseman stayed behind and declared his loyalty to the new Holy Terran Empire.

Kalintos and DeathEdit

Houseman accompanied the Imperial Army task force that briefly conquered Kalintos for the Empire in the first months of 2265. He served as Chief of Staff for Lord General Nicolai Malakov during the operations. When the Earth Federation relief force arrived, Malakov's headquarters were moved from the city of Loud Water to a girl scout camp nearby, and it was there that Houseman was shot and killed by Argus McCall during an attack on the camp by Soti's Slammers.

Behind the ScenesEdit

His name is an elaborate historical pun. In ancient Anglo-Saxon Britain, the "Fyrd" were free men called up as a temporary militia to defend local districts, as distinguised from the "Housecarls", or household troops on permanent retainer to their lords. Since his character is basically a loyal retainer to Malakov, he was named Fred Houseman. His Actor Avatar is John Hillerman.

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