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Peace through Unity, but mostly survival.

The Frontier Worlds Territory was a small confederation of systems on the edge of Earth Federation space. Settled by humans, they broke away from Earth in 2226, during the height of the 2nd Civil War. They created a democratic style government, with a heavy emphasis on local rule. Unfortunately, this was more out of necessity than high ideals. With a small population and limited technology resources, they often shared the few major devices between them, as well as provided for the common defense against the five other governments they bordered.

After President Janeila Manchester was elected, she proceeded to form the Colonial Marines, a ragtag military organization led by General Dewer Aberstwyth, which was made up of Tech Infantry veterans and colonial volunteers. They primarily fought Bug incursions into their space, as the Earth Fleet no longer provided protection from the growing Bug threat.

However, their extended territory and limited defense made them the natural invasion route for alien governments when the Federation's de facto protection disappeared with the 3rd Civil War. The last FWT world was absorbed in 2243.

Behind the Scenes[]

The FWT was based on the Union of Border Worlds, the antagonist / protagonist in the video game Wing Commander IV. The name of the president was named after Danika Manchester, the sister of one of Marcus' classmates in high school.