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Fullerene mesh.jpg

Fullerene mesh is a material made of interlinked strands of buckytube fibers. Fullerene mesh is denser than steel, and stronger than even synthetic diamond.  It is relatively cheap, easy to obtain, and as commonplace in the future as titanium, chrome, or stainless steel is today.

A dense fullerene mesh used as reinforcement in a matrix of some strong metal like steel or titanium (similar to steel rebars in concrete) is a standard form of plate armor on vehicles, warships, starfighters, and the armor plates in power armor, Delta armor, and Zeta armor.

Fullerene Mesh can be made flexible, and cloth woven of buckytube-based fibers is used to make "bulletproof" vests, much like Kevlar.  However, a bullet (or other projectile) hitting the vest at a high speed will still deposit all of its kinetic energy into the target, meaning the wearer will be knocked down at the very least, and in extreme cases hydrostatic shock alone could cause fatal major-organ damage in an unawakened human.