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G2 is the farthest inhabited system galactic north.  Its unique property of disrupting regular hyperspace made it the perfect candidate as a maximum security prison for magickal persons during the Earth Federation.  It was first discovered in 2043 with ships using early-type hyperspace drives.  Since these early explorer ships were heavily shielded, and could create a gate in to normal space using an explosive device rather than a set portal, they were less affected by the disruption zone when they passed through it.  However, the combination of the G2 Hyperspace Disruption Zone and the Alpha Centauri Quarantine Zone have effectively blocked human expansion and settlement to the galactic west and north of Earth, which explains why Earth is far from the center of human-settled space.

In addition to the Hyperspace Disruption Zone making it difficult to travel to and from the planet (and thus making escape or rescue attempts unlikely), the attractiveness of the planet as a maximum security prison planet facility is compounded by the fact that, while there is an extensive local biosphere, the biochemistry of the life forms there make them both highly poisonous and not at all nutritious for humans or most other species in the known galaxy.  Many large and dangerous predatory animals, as well as carnivorous plants, infectious bacteria and mold species, and some truly nasty insect life, also make escape from the actual prison camps to the surrounding wilderness a far from attractive prospect.  On top of all that, the planet is infested with Bugs, but the Hyperspace Disruption Zone also apparently plays havoc with whatever mechanism the Bugs use to link their Hive Mind together, so the Bugs on G2 have essentially gone insane.  This insanity makes them incapable of organized action against the prison facility, but makes them individually even more hostile, almost like a rabid dog.

Famous persons who were imprisoned on this planet include Lwan Eddington, Titus Vardan, and Chan Lee.  With the rise of the Holy Terran Empire, former prisoners were allowed the chance to earn their freedom by joining the Imperial Army.

The system is technically part of House Dane, the Imperial Household under the rule of the Emperor himself, put continues to function as a penal colony.