Looks like a school principal, kicks like a mule

Vice Admiral Gabriella Munoz is an officer in Earth Fleet who currently is leading the Task Force retaking St. Michael's Star from the Holy Terran Empire.

Early LifeEdit

Gabriella Munoz was born on New Madrid in 2206, the daughter of an Earth Fleet supply officer and a high school principal. She did well but not spectacularly in school, and barely was accepted into the Fleet Academy in 2225. While still a midshipman, she fought in one of the final battles of the 2nd Civil War against the Liberation, and saved her ship by manually shutting down a badly damaged fusion reactor just before it would have overloaded and exploded. Graduating in 2229, she began a very successful career as a naval officer.

Early CareerEdit

Steadily rising through the ranks, she served alongside Erich Von Shrakenberg aboard the EFS Nagoya in support of Arthur Clarke's final assault on Wilke's Star in 2236, and again distinguished herself in combat. She got her first command, the patrol frigate EFS Almodovar, in 2241. Fighting on the side of the Grand Council Loyalists throughout the Third Civil War, she commanded a destroyer and later the heavy cruiser EFS Brooklyn, distinguishing herself and her ship in several battles. Emerging from the war a full Captain, she spent the next several years serving on the staffs of several admirals, including Joseph Smythe.

Later CareerEdit

Fighting againt the Vin Shriak and Vulthra as a Rear Admiral and commander of several important task forces, she also spent two years as an instructor in hyperspace navigation at the Fleet Academy. The Caal Invasion found her a Vice Admiral in charge of all fleet elements enforcing the K'Nes Quarantine Zone, colloquially known as the "Litterbox Line". She joined with Admiral Smythe in refusing to join the new Holy Terran Empire, and was given the task of defending the southern frontiers of what little remained of the Earth Federation. When Imperial forces attacked Kalintos in early 2265, she led a task force to kick them out of the system and relieve the planet's beleaguered garrison. After capturing a prototype tunnel drive starship and defeating the rest of the Imperial Fleet task force, her forces successfully liberated the planet. After being reinforced, they moved on to attack St. Michael's Star, but after landing their troops on the planet, a large group of Imperial starships arrived, and Admiral Munoz's task force was forced to withdraw in the face of superior numbers. The troops already on the surface were stranded. Munoz returned with her fleet to New Madrid, and guarded the capital system while Admiral Smythe personally took his flagship the EFS Poseidon and a few escorts out to rescue the troops stranded on St. Michael's Star.

Behind the ScenesEdit

She is named for the older sister of one of Martin's friends from High School. Her Actor Avatar is Rita Moreno.

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