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The wolfs-head logo of Clan Gangrel

The Gangrel are a clan of Vampires that was once a core clan of the Camarilla, but split with them just before Gehenna.


The Gangrel trace their ancestry to an Antediluvian named Ennoia, a woman who lived in Enoch before the flood. Ennoia loved animals, perhaps a bit too much if you know what we mean, and eventually found herself cast out of the city and forced to live in the wilds. Gangrel thus embrace their wild and animalistic nature more than other clans of vampires, and many Gangrel can shapeshift into animals such as bats and wolves. This shapeshifting ability may go a long way to explain why the Gangrel get along much better with Werecreatures than other clans of vampires do. However, looking to shed their outcast image, the Gangrel reluctantly joined the Camarilla early in its history. They served the Camarilla mostly as foot soldiers, scouts, and spies in the wilderness outside cities where few other Vampires dared to tread. However, when the rest of the Camarilla refused to assist the Gangrel clan leaders against a creature thought to be an awakened Antediluvian, the Gangrel angrily pulled out of the Camarilla and declared themselves an independent clan. When Gehenna began two years later and multiple Antediluvians awoke, the Camarilla begged the Gangrel to return and they did. However, this betrayal permanently scarred the relations between the Gangrel and the rest of the Camarilla, and the Gangrel have been reluctant or even unwilling members ever since. Ennoia herself did not appear in public during Gehenna, and was rumored to have sunk down so deeply into the Earth and merged with it that she essentially became the planet. Considering what happened to Earth since then, this theory lost some traction.  In the closing days of the Ascension War, Ennoia appeared in public for the first time in centuries, and forged a shocking alliance with Mordred, the leader of the Sabbat.  Together, they sought to unite the remnants of the Camarilla and the Sabbat into a single united Vampire front.  This plan would likely have succeeded if Malkav had not re-emerged as well shortly thereafter, to challenge Ennoia for leadership of the Camarilla and the Black Hand

Clan Traits[]

The Gangrel are known for their strength, toughness, and for their affinity with animals and frequent ability to shapeshift into animal form themselves. This closeness to and acceptance of their animalistic and predatory nature means that when they lose control of the Beast within and enter Frenzy, they go even madder than other vampires. After a frenzy, they frequently aquire a permanent animalistic feature, such as whiskers, long ears, or a tail, which can make it even more difficult than usual to hide within mortal society. They also are known as rugged individualists, a trait which may explain why Gangrel often flee their tribe to join the Anarchs or even the Sabbat. The Gangrel have often had a love-hate relationship with the Brujah clan, as both allies and rivals as the muscle and sinew of the Camarilla's fighting forces. The Gangrel do not get along at all well with the Tremere, accusing the Tremere of capturing and experimenting on Gangrel vampires in former centuries.

Notable Gangrel[]

Xavier, the Gangrel Justicar who took the Gangrel out of the Camarilla just before Gehenna, is probably the most famous Gangrel of recent centuries. He is rumored to have been on Enoch when its sun went nova, and has not been seen in public since then.