Apparently, it took place in this one guy's apartment. Guess he forgot to clean out his fridge.

The Vampire equivalent of Armageddon.  For millennia, the Vampires of Earth dreaded and prepared for the coming of Gehenna, when the Antediluvians would awaken from their centuries of slumber and battle it out for control over vampires and all humanity.  The Bug landing in Rio de Janiero in 2001, and the Paradox backlash explosion that destroyed the city, triggered Gehenna prematurely.  The Antediluvians awoke, but at the same time the Mages and Werecreatures were having their own internal wars for control, and millions of non-magical humans were awakening to become mages, so the Vampire Antediluvians also had to fight the Technocracy Mages and the Werewolf Tribes for control over humanity.  The result was a bloody and chaotic near-draw, but the Technocracy came out narrowly on top.  The three surviving Antediluvians took most Vampires with them into the Wraithlands, while the Werecreatures and Mages were all drafted to form the Tech Infantry.
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